Interesting Gift Containers

Interesting Gift Containers

Do you want to present your gift in a different and interesting gift container instead of the usual plain white gift box? By making the gift container interesting, it can be part of the gift and shows thought, imagination and creativity was involved on your part. Make your gift even more special with an interesting gift container that is also part of the gift. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Photo Box

A photo box is a great container for the photographer or any office worker. It can be used as the container for the gift with tissue inside and wrap the whole box in cellophane for a pretty look. Photo boxes come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Wastepaper Basket

Use a wastepaper basket as the container for your gift of bathroom items such as bath towels, hand towels, soaps and a candle.

Popcorn Gift Tins

Use a metal popcorn tin for your gift of popcorn, a classic movie, popcorn bags and a new remote control for the television. They're colorful and festive, the tin can be filled with tissue paper and if wrapped in a coordinating color of cellophane will make a nice presentation for your gift.

Organza Gift Bags

Organza gift bags come in various sizes, shapes and colors and give an interesting presentation for jewelry such as rings, bracelets, watches, pendants or earrings. Great things really do come in small containers!

Laundry Basket

Use a wicker laundry basket for any household gifts such as towels or small kitchen gadgets and give two gifts in one.

A laundry basket is also an interesting gift container for gift pertaining to pets such as pet toys, pet shampoos, pet treats or a pet bed.

Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is a good container to give small candies, teas or coffee samples for the coffee lover on your gift giving list.

Plastic Storage Bin with Lid

If shopping for several people in a family, you could put all the individually wrapped gifts in a plastic storage bin that the family could use again. Wrap the lid separately with a large bow when delivering this gift.

Use a large plastic storage bin to give large gifts such as pillows, sheets or other bedding supplies.

Garden Planter

Use a decorative garden planter for the gardening fanatic on your gift list. Add flower bulbs, a few packs of seeds, garden gloves and a book on gardening.

Garden Bucket

Similar to the garden planter, the garden bucket can be given to the gardener on your list with items such as a few gardening tools and a knee pad.

Candy Dish

Give a candy dish to present a small piece of jewelry or just fill it with your favorite M&M candies or jelly beans.

Wheel barrel

Use a wheel barrel as an interesting gift container for larger sized garden tools or any yard tools and you'll give two gifts in one.

Oil Pan

Give an oil pan as the container for the automotive lover on your list. Fill it with small accessories for the car such as window cleaner, armor all, chamois cloth, air fresheners or a steering wheel cover. Many small items will fit in an oil pan and just wrap the whole container using cellophane in a coordinating color and add a large bow.

Food Gift Containers

Use a new pot as the container and add several spices and a recipe for your favorite soup or other dish.

Use a large wooden salad bowl and add a set of salad tongs, kitchen towel and cookbook.

Use a large glass bowl and fill it with party snacks

Wicker baskets of all colors, shapes and sizes work well to hold kitchen cooking utensils and small bake ware items.

Use a coffee pot to hold the coffee, filters and a couple coffee mugs. Give the box separately.

Beach Bag

Use a beach bag for an interesting gift container for a selection of beach toys, beach towels, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Tackle Box

Use a tackle box as an interesting container to hold many items used for crafts such as scrap booking, candle making or painting supplies.

A tackle box is also useful for giving small tools, fishing supplies or for the new homeowner that needs picture hanging supplies, a tape measure, color swatches and a book on home decorating.

Portable Cooler

Fill a portable cooler with items such as golf balls, golf glove, bag of tees and a few koozies in a favorite sports team logo.

Small Tote

Use a small tote to fill with yarn and knitting needles or crochet needles and a few patterns.

Old Shoe Box

Use an old shoe box as a humorous gift presentation for the comedian on your gift list and fill with a pack of cards, gag gift or to disguise a gift from the person that always guesses what they're receiving.


A handbag is an interesting gift container that can hold many gifts for women. Clothing can be rolled up and add a favorite magazine. Fill with tissue paper and arrange the gifts in a fun and pleasing way.

Wine Chiller

Fill a wine chiller with bath salts, bath shower gels, a shower sponge and a couple of candles for an interesting gift container.

Cigar Box

Use a cigar box for tickets to a special upcoming concert or play and a gift certificate for dinner.

A cigar box makes a nice container for a good book, bookmark and small reading lamp with reading glasses.

Picnic Basket

Use a picnic basket for a bottle of wine, blanket and a good book to plant the seed of a romantic picnic together.

Use any of these interesting gift containers for your gift giving. Find new ways to use containers other than their originally intended use. Fill with bubble wrap and cover with tissue paper, add the gifts and wrap the entire container in cellophane with a large bow for simple gift giving. Have fun searching for interesting gift containers and use your imagination to make it even more special!