Ever since I took my first Psychology course, meaning Psychology 101, I've been fascinated with the workings of the human brain, mind, and behavior and how the three all work together. I got the inspiration to write this from the movie "Beautiful Mind", where the main character tries to put together an algorithm for the movement of pigeons, I've always wondered how seemingly unrelated or illogical events in time could be explained with concrete evidence.

Choosing colors

What I noticed ever since high school is that on certain days of the week, month, or year, a lot of people chose certain colors to wear. I'm not talking choosing colors such as green on St. Patty's day or anything, what I was noticing is that there would be some days where a lot of people would wear blue, or red, or green, subconsciously with seemingly no direct correlation as to why they wore a certain color. There would even be a couple of instances where the majority of my friends and I wore the same colors when we came to the lunch table, but we didn't call each other or anything the night before. Sometimes the people who weren't wearing the same color as everybody else would comment "Hm.. apparently I missed the code to wear red today". I started to wonder if people were choosing colors after certain events were occurring, such as an election or a death, and if any of those colors were subconsciously linked to certain emotions.


Ah yes, the question about why do things in the road die. I've always wondered why squirrels and cats and such animals always seem to wait until the last second to cross the road. If they are trying to avoid traffic, why would they cross the road right in front of you and in a lot of instances you would be the only car on the road? Did the small dead animals at the side of the road want to become roadkill? Or do these animals have supposedly such short term memories that they don't know that cars are deadly? However, if these animals see the cars as a threat, then why don't they wait until there are no cars going by to cross? I have heard many entertaining stories from my friends describing why the animals crossed the street or why they hit certain animals. I remember one day where I ended up hitting a duck just because I avoided his whole body, but then the duck turned back into the path of my tire. I wonder why the duck turned towards my car, or if animals recognize what part of the car they should avoid.

These have always been burning questions in my mind, why people wear certain colors on certain days, and why do animals behave like they do beside streets. I ponder these things generally when I'm in the sort of inquisitive mood, or when I see them happening repetedly.

Microscope Picture courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/hine/ / CC BY 3.0