Turn Your Commute into a Learning Opportunity

For most people who are interested in internet marketing, there can be a steep and constant learning curve.  This learning curve is magnified by the fact that most of us are not in a position to quit our day job and are scrambling to put together a viable internet business while also paying the bills and driving our kids to basketball practice.  For this reason, podcasts are a very important part of my internet marketing education.  I would much rather listen to a helpful or motivational podcast that will provide a benefit to my business then suffer through another Justin Beiber song or moronic rehash of why LeBron James is the most evil person in the world. 

I routinely search itunes for new and informative podcasts on internet marketing.  I have been listening to podcasts about internet marketing since 2008 and in that time have heard quite a few - some have been great but unfortunately faded.  Others, disappointingly, have very little to offer (the lack of having something worthwhile to share is a drawback to the podcasting medium).   It seems like there is only a select few that are able to maintain momentum and fresh material at the same time.  Currently, I have settled on these four podcast shows as being truly in the upper echelon of the field:  Internet Business Mastery, Mason World Late Night Podcast, Smart Passive Income, and Infobarrel Tips.  In this article, I will discuss the benefits and perceived drawbacks to each of these podcasts.



The popularity leader of the four podcasts is definitely Internet Business Mastery.  Jay and Stirling’s podcast has been ranked number one in itunes since just after Al Gore invented the internet and for good reason.  Their podcast sets the bar for quality standards in the podcasting medium they offer an excellent overview of the the entire internet marketing field while covering a wide variety of topics including mindset, tools, and strategies.  Internet Business Mastery is also a very motivational podcast as they frequently have guests on their show who share their own personal journeys from internet marketing amateurs to successful (read making money) entreprenuers. 

A drawback to the Internet Business Mastery podcast is that mixed throughout their podcast is a steady stream of up sale tactics.  I’m not saying that this is wrong to do, it is obviously a smart business tactic to use their podcast to promote their products, but sometimes I grow tired of constant references to what lies behind the curtain of the Internet Business Academy; especially, when I remember a time earlier in their internet careers when they were more forthcoming with information.  So, I miss the days when Jay and Stirling weren’t always trying to close the deal and were just proving excellent content.  The content is still excellent, but it almost feels like you have to sit through a time share sales pitch in order to get it.



Mark Mason, of the Mason World Late Night Podcast, is a disciple of Internet Business Mastery.  So a lot of the same concepts are reiterated in his show.  Mark does, however, have a very interesting niche in the podcasting world in that he is just like us and is working a regular job while trying to make a go of it in the internet world “late at night.”  Also, Mason World focuses more on niche marketing sites which sets it a little bit apart from the other podcasts.  In addition to frequent guests that share their methods of success, Mark includes a lot of information on tools of the trade that I find helpful. 

The one main drawback that I have to the Mason World Late Night Podcast is that it isn’t produced on a regular basis.  As with many podcasts, Mark was strong out of the gate, but since the first several podcasts, the show has only been produced sporadically. 



Another disciple of the Internet Business Mastery is Pat Flynn and his Smart Passive Income podcast.  Pat’s story is one thing that makes his podcast (and blog) stand out because he lost his job and gave the whole internet marketing thing three months to see if it worked.  It apparently did work, because one of the most popular threads on his blog is his monthly earnings posts in which he analyzes how much and through which income streams he has earned his money.  Obviously, this element creates a real sense of transparency about the whole Pat’s internet marketing world.  It probably goes without saying, but Pat really focuses on passive incomes and methods to achieve this type of business.  He also shares a tremendous amount of information on a wide variety of tools and strategies.

Because he is relatively new to the internet marketing field (and his success has been phenomenal) he really comes across like Jay and Stirling from the early days when they weren’t trying to pitch product as much.  However, in recent podcasts he has begun to mention such types of projects and I hope that he doesn’t begin to close the curtain on his methods of success. 



A new podcast that I just recently described to is Infobarrel Tips, produced by David (DPeach in the forums), who is known and widely respected inside the infobarrel world.  I only recently discovered Infobarrel, thanks to Smart Passive Income, and was delighted to find a podcast on the revenue sharing site to help me figure out the lay of the land.  Although his podcast shows are the shortest, by a long shot, usually around 11-12 minutes, they are very useful.  David provides a lot of tools and strategies which are specifically geared toward writing articles for Infobarrel, but they are applicable in other income streams as well.  Currently, Infobarrel Tips is being produced on a weekly basis, but it is fairly new having only started up in mid January of 2011. To this date, seven shows have been produced.

The one drawback to the Infobarrel Tips show is that most of the content seems to be a rehash of posts or articles already available on Infobarrel; now for someone like me, who is new to the whole article writing for profit field, that doesn’t really matter.  However, I wonder how much benefit there is for the more experienced and frequent participant of the Infobarrel forums.


I would consider all four of these podcasts to be a very worthy investment of your time.  You can learn a lot and hopefully develop your business through the quality information that all of the podcasters share with their audience.  My personal rankings for the list would go as follows:

4. Mason World - great information, just not sure when it is going to be there.

3. Infobarrel Tips - I have really enjoyed the podcast, I hope it continues to build up steam

2. Internet Business Mastery - you can learn a lot about internet marketing just by paying attention to how they promote and roll out their products

And the winner, at least in my mind: Smart Passive Income - The trust that Pat Flynn creates through his transparent sharing of his business makes his podcast indispensable to anyone trying to find their way around making money on the internet.