A floral pattern is a very traditional design staple. However, because of this it can often times seem a little bit dated. You really need to find ways to incorporate this into a room in very trendy and updated manners.

One thing that you may want consider doing is going to be to go with more of the vintage look. It is imperative to the vintage or the shabby chic design styles that you bring in a few modern pieces and they should be a bright white. This is going to help to counteract a lot of the vintage feelings of the wallpaper so that your room doesn't end up feeling too fussy. You can find a lot of vintage wallpaper that has a chocolate brown background to it or just really oversized roses to slightly change up this traditional pattern.

You can also really use floral patterns in unexpected ways. One great way to do this would be to go for a wall mural. This can be chic enough to work in a modern style living room but it's also something that you can add to a nursery or a little girl's room and it's going to be fairly easy to accomplish. This isn't going to be a literal approach with a lot of shading and lines. Instead you want to focus in on one color and basic silhouettes and it can even have a tropical vibe. If you are going for the tropical look then just try painting one really large flower on the wall and leave the background white for a crisp and fresh take on this.

You can also use a vintage floral pattern in unexpected ways. Handpainted furniture is very popular and you can really get the same kind of look. Right now on furniture we are seeing a lot of tone on tone designs. This was something that was previously popular on walls but now it's really even making its way onto the furniture itself. This uses two different kinds of paint. You could just freehand basic cherry blossom designs. It's a way that you can add a lot of interest to just a plain white dresser and it's one of the more subtle elements so that the vintage floral pattern doesn't end up feeling too feminine.

If you do use this on your bedding you really need to go with out of the box kind of design styles because this can seem a little bit dated at times. This may mean that you go for an oversized magnolia print. It can bring in a lot of neutral colors that can match a lot of the white furniture that you already have in your space. You can also go for more of that Tuscan design style. Even if it's a pretty basic design it's going to use a lot of embroidery kind of prints, which are going to bring in a lot of rich jewel tones. This is going to be one of the most elegant ways that you can really decorate with this kind of design style. This should also have more of a satin finish to it instead of the basic pine finish because both this fabric and this style are very popular in kids rooms decor and you don't want it to end up feeling too cheap.