Using Yellow as Color Motif for Your Home Interiors

When Yellow Does It

Yellow interiors

In home interiors, yellow has been popping up in all sorts of unlikely places and teamed up with colors you may not have considered using it with, like purple or lavender. Precisely as with white, there are several shades of yellow, and the subtleties we discover in nature are just as interesting in paint colors, wallpaper, and fabric patterns.

Symbols of Spring

Daffodils are the lauded symbol of spring. There is non quite so cheerful after a cold winter than a mason jar filled up with yellow daffodils on the kitchen counter. All of a sudden, everything smells better, looks fresher, and the bright yellow color is the prettiest.

Select Carefully

Yellow can be a hard color to use in decorating, particularly for painting walls.  It can appear muddy or too brash. It's crucial to look at different shades of paint chips prior to making a final decision. Actually, it is suggested to have the smallest amount of paint mixed, then try it on a large poster board, and taping this to the actual wall you intend to paint. Leave it for a few days to see how the natural and artificial light change the color, prior to making the last commitment.

 Where to Use Yellow

yellow furniture

A bit of yellow goes a long way toward lighting up a room or hallway. When you use yellow to paint the inside of a closet, each time you open the closet door will be a welcome surprise. A really pale shade of yellow looks great in a kitchen or nursery. If there's any yellow color on your wallpaper, think about using yellow on the window, door, and wall trims. Search other areas in your home to add a spot of yellow to. You'll be astonished at how fresh and delightful the addition of this color can be.

Shades of Yellow

Faded yellow paint bears character. Butterscotch yellow in a shade contained on early cream ware and crockery would make a great background when used to paint a wall having open shelves in a kitchen—for instance, arrange pure white chinaware and mixing bowls using those in shades of yellow or blue. Mix with a couple of pieces of blue and white spatter ware or blue-banded bowls.

 Yellow for Warmth

Even in a room that is all-white , touches of yellow would warm things up. In a bedroom for example, a yellow here and there would be enough. A yellow and white fabric for throw pillows, a yellow patterned cloth on a night table, a fabric-covered headboard, pale yellow sheets and pillowcases are some ways to introduce yellow without the major dedication of painting or wallpapering.

Accents of Yellow

A lot of summer porches and living rooms are adorned with a blue and white theme. This year, when you reevaluate your home, think about adding something yellow, like botanical prints—to the walls, a few bits of pottery, a vase, pillows, or a scatter rug—to invigorate things up.


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