Wood window treatments add a natural texture to the room. There are a lot of different options for this kind of design. It can work with all different design styles and tastes. Plus, this is a very neutral and lasting design style. It's also easy to clean and take care of so your window treatments can last for years or even decades. Here are a few tips for decorating with and shopping for wood window treatments.

Match the wood elements with whatever else is going on in your room. You might have wood floors or a lot of cabinets in the kitchen. Faux wood blinds are very practical for a kitchen because they are easier to clean than curtains and it won't attract smells the way that fabric will. Wood blinds are a no fuss style. However, they are cheaper than plantation shutters and also a little bit more versatile. Plantation shutters can be difficult to open and close a lot so your room might always feel a little bit dark. Wood blinds are a lot easier to use on an everyday basis and they are a lot less expensive because you can easily get a custom fit to your window specifications.

Make the wood blend in. The one disadvantage to wood blinds is that they can feel a little bit stark or harsh. You can combat this by going with a window treatment that compliments the blinds. You could hang dark, rich chocolate brown curtains on either side of the treatment for a softer look. This will help ground the blinds in the space and will also create a focal point.

You might think that wood window treatments are just for very modern or clean design styles. However, they can be elegant as well as practical. You can install a valance or cornice box over it to soften the harsh edges. You can even make the cornice box out of wood. You could keep it white to match your blinds and add little bit of scroll work. You can also add pattern to the cornice box with some decoupage and decorative paper. This will give the wood window treatments more of a feminine look.

Another option for wood window treatments is to add in some beautiful shutters. These can be quite expensive but there are a few ways to save money. This can work with a specific design style or just be a way to add color to your room. For instance, this is a common addition in French country or bistro design styles. You can go to the salvage yard and pick up a pair of bold shutters. You could use them on either side of your window. They don't even have to close. This is really a way to put the focus into your French doors or windows.

However, wood shutters will be purely decorative so you want to make sure that you don't need privacy. If you need privacy then try using a sleek Roman shade or pair of blinds so that they don't detract from the intricate shutters. For a French country design style paint the shutters a bright turquoise and then add a little bit of glaze. This will become the focal point of your space.