Living room window treatments can really make an entire space. You probably want to choose neutral furniture, carpet, and a fireplace surround. These items are really expensive so you want ensure that they last. This usually means that they might be a little bit on the boring side. Your living room window treatments are an opportunity to bring in color and pattern. Here is how to find the right style for you and the right function for your windows.

Decide on how long you need to keep the treatments. Go with a neutral color palette. You can initially spend a lot of money on your window treatments. Then you can just consider how long they last. This can save you money over time because you won't have to replace them. Oftentimes the window treatments aren't ruined; they are just outdated. If you go with a very simple and sleek panel you can work with a lot of different design styles in the rest of your room. This gives you versatility to your design. You will want to stick with a basic brown, gold, black, white, cream, or taupe. This will allow you to bring in a lot of different colors from the rest of the room. You can always spice things up with the different tie backs or valances to add a lot of subtle color to your treatments.

Pick a defined theme. This can really help you and add character to your living room without spending a lot of money. For more of a formal look then go with faux silk curtains. This will add a lot of texture and shine to your room. However, these treatments can often be found in solid colors so there is still a lot of durability to them. You can find window treatments that work with almost any theme. For instance, for a shabby chic feel you can incorporate different floral prints. This is an area where you can really have fun in your room because it's a budget friendly.

Add pattern but make sure that it still coordinates with the bigger pieces in your room. This is really essential if you have a couch that you aren't replacing. Just changing up the rest of the fabric in your room will really change the look of your couch. It can even make an outdated couch look fresh and new. You can tie in the window curtains with the throw pillows to really get a coordinated look. This is a way to add color to your space. You can even go with a bold color like purple or red to add a splash of daring color to your room. You'll really want the fabric to be high quality because these treatments will definitely get noticed.

Take into account the other materials in your space. You may have a stone fireplace that can be a great jumping off point for your fabric selection. Depending on your stone you can go with a specific style such as rustic or modern. You can also pull out of one of the colors from the stone to use as your fabric color. You really want to you decide on a focal point in your space and stick to it for a cohesive look. This way the most important items in your room get the focus and attention while the rest of your room will still feel pulled together.