Purple curtains are a chance to get a very youthful look that is still sophisticated. Oftentimes this is a color that is feminine but doesn't have all of the stereotypes that go along with pink accessories. In this case, you can use this in almost any room in your home.

If you do decide to use purple curtains in a nursery or little girl's room then you want to make sure that they have a feminine silhouette. You can accomplish this simply with a floral print. Though for a very country kind of style a cream background and small purple flowers is appropriate. You could even make your own tieback with a little bit of dried hydrangea. You could also just go out all out with this kind of window treatment. You should have tiebacks, pleats and valances too. This might be dated in other rooms in the home but in a nursery it just seems very sweet and feminine.

Purple Sheer Curtains

Casual Window Treatments

You can use purple curtains to take an inexpensive kind of window treatment and turn it into something special. For instance basic tab top panels are extremely easy to find. It's one of the least expensive window treatments. It's very casual looking. It was popular a few decades ago but has recently gone out of vogue. However, you can still make this work in your room just by going with a fresher color.

In this case, you can be inspired by the casual feel of this kind of curtain. In this case find out how to make this really work within a country kind of design style. This is going to give it an updated country look because it's something that most people don't see a lot of. You could just head outdoors and take fun pictures of everything purple that you see. This could even be something simple such as lilacs or a favorite sweater. Assemble these into a large wall collage for purple art for personal artwork that's going to relate back to your window treatments. There are a lot of other ways to decorate besides just painting your walls purple which can be a little bit overwhelming. Just the small accents are going to be a lot easier to live with over time.

Lavender Curtains

Modern Drapes

If you are using this in one of your main living areas then you want to make sure that it is sophisticated. In this case you just want to go with a very flat panel kind of design style. It should also have grommets or just a very basic rod pocket. Really the color makes the biggest impact so you don't need a lot of extra details to it. In this case you are going to want to go with a neutral wall color.

If you want purple furniture this can be a big investment and it's really not that neutral. Instead, you could just pick up basic white or black pieces and then just spend a few dollars on purple curtains. You can add in a more contemporary decor for a feminine look that's still edgy. It isn't just for kids rooms. This is a way to add a lot of life to your room with basic gray walls. Gray is a very big color in decorating right now. However you need to be careful to make sure that it's still interesting so that the walls don't just look bland or even dirty. You don't want the room to be depressing. You can still stick within a cool color palette that can use basic colors in a way that is exciting and interesting.

Purple Velvet Curtains