Bamboo is often touted as one of the very green and environmentally friendly materials in the building world. Bamboo window treatments are very stylish. You can inexpensively fit every window in your home with one of these shades for a fresh new look. This can really come in handy if you just moved into a new apartment or your first place. Often times the previous owners will leave their window treatments behind. This is a very easy way to make your room feel outdated. However, at this stage of your life you'll probably be short on money. However, bamboo and grass window treatments are very inexpensive. Here are a few tips for finding window treatments in this material that are functional as well as beautiful.

Vary the material color. The obvious choice is to go with a very natural color. However, this can seem a little bit boring and uninspired. A good option is to just change up the color of the material so you'll change how you and your company feels about them as well. It can be very elegant if you go with a dark stain such as a walnut, black, or mahogany color. This allows you to compliment the existing wood tones in your room. You can also just change up the texture of the material and width of the bamboo for a high end look. A wider bamboo piece will look a lot more substantial than a basic blind. Grass blinds are pretty inexpensive and you can find woven grass panels that will add a Zen vibe to your room. These kind of window treatments incorporate a lot of beautiful taupes, grays, and greens. This is a way to really bring together an entirely neutral room because you'll have a lot of different tones and shades to choose from.

Play with your fabric choices. You might want to soften the lines of your bamboo blinds. A good way to do this is with fabric. If you still want to keep your bamboo blinds but give them a new look then just try a plain valance on top to soften the straight lines. Make sure that these blinds properly fit your windows. This will make it look more high end even though this is quite inexpensive. In fact it can be one of the least expensive window treatments out there.

Your wall color has a lot to do with how your bamboo window treatments will be received. You can make this style feel contemporary even though it's a natural material. This is a way to add life to a room that would otherwise be harsh. However, these blinds also have very simple lines so it's perfect for a modern design style. For instance, you could go with a slate blue or gray wall color and the natural material will really pop and coordinate at the same time.

Use it as the base of your design. When you change your window treatments you really change the look and feel of your space. This can the jumping off point for a whole new design style. You can pair the treatments with a colorful tropical comforter for an inexpensive oasis feeling in the bedroom. Another option is to go with a very natural feel in your living room. You could decorate with bamboo floors and a faux suede couch for a neutral room that still has a lot of beautiful and interesting texture in it.