Living room accent furniture can really change the look of your space without spending a lot of money. You might be stuck with your larger items such as sofas and loveseats because they are so expensive to replace. However, bringing in a lot of smaller furniture can help you create a theme and add function to your space without breaking the bank.

It's perfectly acceptable to go with mismatched end tables. This doesn't have to look like you just got your furniture out from the garage or basement. This might be reality if you inherited the items or are furnishing your first place and friends offered up their old pieces to help you. You can paint the furniture so it all matches. Each piece will also have a unique design. This can actually be an asset to your room instead of a liability. Try to pick furniture where each piece has the same lines and style even if it's a different color. For a shabby chic look try curved lines. For more of a modern feeling you'll want to have very straight lines and focus on squares instead of circles.

Living room accent furniture can totally break up your traditional set in a good way. You might be sick of your sofa and loveseat but you just can't afford to replace them right now. They might seem boring or they are just plain uncomfortable. Instead, try taking out your loveseat and using it in a different room. You can even put it in your master bedroom to make a small reading nook or just give yourself another place to watch TV. Instead, try bringing in smaller accent chairs to your living room which will give you the same amount of seating while allowing you to experiment with paint color and pattern. Accent chairs don't cost a lot of money so you can go with really funky colors like red or try out a fun print such as damask. This adds a lot of character to your space without spending a lot of money.

Living room accent furniture can also add a lot of functionality and comfort to your space. It also gives you yet another opportunity to change up the look of your room by just changing out one or two pieces. Get rid of that tradition glass coffee table and go with a more casual look so that you don't always have to tell your kids keep their feet off the furniture. Instead, bring in an ottoman. Ottomans have become decorating magazine staples in the last few years. Integrate one if you have kids because they are pretty durable. Ottomans can work with all different kinds of design styles. For more of a formal look go with a grand oversized tufted ottoman. If you want contemporary styling choose a microsuede and leather option.

If you change your end table you change your room. This will help you mix up your theme or just create a totally different look in your space without spending a lot of money. If you want a more traditional or formal look then go with an end table with gold accents, and wood cravings. If you want more of a youthful feeling then mix it up with some fun bright orange end tables. You might be afraid to bring and bold colors on sofas and love seats just because they're so expensive and you don't replace them very often. Your end tables are easily replaceable and inexpensive so you can experiment with color and use them as dramatic pieces in the room.