Even if you have all of the money in the world you might not end up with your dream room right off the bat. Living room home design makes it easy to create a look that is completely unique to your personality. No matter where you live you'll probably end up having to build your dream home in some fashion even if it's just through decorating. Here are a few tips for living room home design that can really turn your house into your castle.

Make your childhood dreams come true. This can be the basis for your design, but it doesn't have to be juvenile. You might have always wanted a purple room when you were a little girl but your mom just didn't like the color. Now is your time to shine. This adds personality and also ensures that you really end up loving your space. Just make sure that you keep the room sophisticated instead of childlike. You have to do things differently than you would have done your decorating when you're a kid. Pair deep eggplant walls with rich leather furniture and lots of lighting for a romantic feel that is also a dramatic.

You can also use a destination or time as the starting off point for your living room home design. Use your favorite retreat for inspiration for your living room have decor. You might not be able to have that house in the south of France but you can certainly make sure that your room looks like it's in the south of France. You should use faded blue furniture and pair it with walls that look like stone. This will require that faux finishing but you want to make sure that it doesn't just look moldy or messy. It will really be helpful to try out a faux finish in advance on different boards to make sure that you get the exact look that you want and that you can replicate the same texture all over your walls. Then it's just a matter of adding in a lot of extra glam with high end accessories and crystal chandeliers.

You might have a few problems that you need to address with your living room home decor. This may be a favorite armchair that your husband just refuses to part with or you have a fireplace that is too expensive to remodel. Need to find a balance between the things you like and the things you don't like so you can really neutralize the items in the room that are your favorite. This may mean using a very dramatic wall color and then tying back it into the chair with throw pillows or a blanket. It doesn't really make sense to base your entire room around the chair if you don't like the chair to begin with. Instead, tie in what you love with what you have to make a room that you can live with.

Living room home design should show off your personality but also work with how you live in your everyday life. It's possible to create a very cohesive room on a budget and include those items that you need for every day use.