The interior paint color combinations that you choose are really going to determine everything from the wood tone to the exact shade of white that you bring into your room. You can base this on mood or what you already have in your space.

There are probably already several different color combinations going on in your room but you just need to decide how you are going to make it a little bit bolder. Right now shag styles of carpet are very popular. This uses a basic beige but it can have flecks of both chocolate as well as gray. You could bring in slate end tables. You also might just want to go with a more daring look with deep charcoal walls. Usually this style of shag carpet is going to seem a little bit boring or traditional. However, bringing out a darker wall color is going to make it feel more retro.

You also might want to consider using interior paint color combinations on a mural. This can mimic the wallpaper that is so popular as well as expensive right now. Try going with an oversized houndstooth look, you may be able to buy or cut your own stencil. Since this is quite a vintage inspired print you could just use a pink and gray color palette. Then you can mix in both contemporary gray as well as vintage rose pieces. It will even match a lot of more bachelor styles of black leather furniture but it will really change up the perception of these pieces.

Another option is going to be to bring in a lot of different wood tones which is a must if you are going to shop on a budget. You can counteract this by applying wood panels to your wall for more of a traditional lodge effect. You could also paint different canvases in faux wood grain for unusual artwork.

Look around at the expensive items in your room for paint color combinations ideas. This could be an Oriental rug. This has become slightly dated lately as people favor more retro styles of rugs. However, a few years ago you might have paid hundreds of dollars for one of these pieces so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get rid of it. Just look closely to see if it has any turquoise tones that you can use for a trendy wall color that will give your old rug a fresher kind of look. This could even be quite literal with a rich burgundy color for more of an elegant look.

You can also go with really daring wall colors. This could be navy blue for a nautical inspired room. The color is so thematic that you won't need a lot of cutesy accessories. Then just make sure that you have casual styles of taupe sofas. If you are going with a literal theme with lots of anchors then you can venture into a more sophisticated black and white color palette that will feature a lot of painted nautical accessories.