The world is getting smaller, and many businesses operate internationally. It isn’t uncommon for a company to have offices in several countries, but which country shapes its identity? Perhaps all of them do in some way, and international flags can help a business display their commitment to international business.

If a company has a location in another country, they will often display the flag of their home nation. Showing pride in their home country is admirable, but what about a commitment to the other countries they reside in? Does the business have pride and commitment to those residents as well? An international flag flown along with their country flag will help a business show that they are just as committed to the consumers in France, as they are in the United States.

The United Nations display the flags of each member country. This is to show that not one nation is dominant, but all the countries are represented and can take part in its actions. If a business is international, then perhaps the culture and aspects of many nations shape the company message, identity, and business practices. If this is the case, then a business should advertise this by displaying international flags.

Displaying the flags of the different countries where a business has satellite offices should not be reserved to just these international locations. If the corporate headquarters displays the flags of each nation where they have a presence, they can show their global identity. Not only will this appeal to foreign customers, it can reassure local consumers as well. If a business is large enough that it is located in several different countries, than it will be able to survive for a long period.

Companies are not the only ones who can display international flags. In this global economy, residents of one nation often live in another. Displaying the flag of his or her home country will let everyone know where they came from and that they are proud of their home country even if they are committed to their new home.

Perhaps an individual’s heritage hails from another nation, even if their family has lived in their current location for a few generations. This doesn’t mean they have to forget their ancestors or celebrate their past. Flying an international flag for a specific holiday will show that a person is proud of his or her past. The United States is called a melting pot, and most people have ancestors who come from another country. Displaying the flag of their ancestors, helps reinforce the idea of pluralism and pride in who they are.

In a global society, displaying the flag of just one country doesn't always represent who a person is or the true identity of a business. People and companies often come from somewhere else, or their heritage is comprised of the culture of many different countries. If more businesses can show pride in all of the countries where they exist, it will help with brand identity and international marketing efforts. If people fly the flag of their home country or that of their ancestors, they reveal more about themselves and how this has shaped them as individuals. Flying international flags is a way to show that world is smaller, and pluralism is a way to unite ideas and actions to shape a country, business or an individual.