Now you've all heard how telemarketing is actually still in use these days. In fact, those becoming increasingly informed about the actual practice will find that the public has nothing more than a strawman of it. Granted of course, the past forms of telemarketing were awful when it came to B2C marketing and it's not surprising that you don't see that a lot these days. However, you will find that the telemarketing of today has never just been geared towards B2C leads. In fact, it's more popularly known amongst businesses for its effective B2B lead generation. Obviously, this is because businesses are not and cannot react to telemarketers in the same manner as individual consumers. If you're an ERP software company, that's like comparing a call to Microsoft with a call to an average comic book geek.

With all that said, the fact that you know the benefits means you're already looking to market your software or at least get leads for it via telemarketing. Here's something you should know beforehand though. There are two types of telemarketing firms out there: offshore and onshore.

Both have a list of pros and cons. Offshore telemarketers are arguably more cost-efficient because the more popular ones are usually found in developing countries. On the other hand, the nature of their countries makes them prone to illicit business practices. If you choose them, you're going to have to do it really carefully.

As for onshore telemarketing, it may not be as cost efficient but it can still be a little bit more of that if you're not very confident in running a telemarketing department of your own. The close proximity also makes it easier to contact, monitor, and discuss with. Finally, you'll also be doing the general service of promoting your own nation's economy.

Still, there might be more to the pros of either option if the said telemarketing firm is an international one. An onshore firm with international branches might have business information on more than just local companies that might need ERP software. In turn, that could mean ERP sales leads from all around the world. If your company has a thing for conducting webinars and delivering their products via simple download, then all the more reason to go for one. Likewise, with an offshore international telemarketer, you could pick one in a strategic area and have a more cost-efficient means of getting contacts in nations unreachable by their onshore counterparts. For example, a telemarketer in Southeast Asia might have a call center in Singapore and give you leads on wealthy Singaporean prospects.

Whichever you choose, pick the one that is best suitable to your strategy. If you need access to a business database specific to a faraway location, then a strategically placed offshore telemarketer is for you. If you simply wish to expand yourself, then there's no harm in asking an onshore company for foreign leads. What's important however is that international telemarketing can take your business to all corners of the globe. Decide now and you can start expanding your enterprise.