International Travelers and backpackers on holidays need to be caustious when thinking of traveling to Australia or any country that you are not familiar with. There are many unforeseen dangers that everyone needs to be aware of. I am writing this as an Australian and we found dangers that we were not aware of when we traveled around this beautiful country.




Every country has their own dangers. Africa may have lions, tigers and hippopotamuses. Other countries may have snow with dangerous risks of avalanches or man-eating bears.In Australia we have deadly snakes, cane toads, man-eating crocodiles.Then the ocean has man-eating great white sharks, ocean tidal rips and under currents that drag you under the surface and sufffer from risks and the possibility of drowning.




International travelers will find it even harder, as an Australian we have learnt so much from this trip so I will give you a few examples of some dangers that we were faced with. Hopefully this knowledge will help you to avoid putting yourself at the same risk. We were at Yea, and Whitfield two weeks before the horrendous fires there where many homes and lives were lost.




Bush land areas




First I have to say that all bush land around Australia is not the same. Different areas have different dangers.Thick bush land can hide many dangers. When walking in the bush, always watch where you are walking.Snakes love to sun bake in the sun and they will bite if trodden on. We have many deadly snakes as well as the harmless ones like the python.




Tall trees like gums have a habit of dropping very large branches without warning. This usually happens with either a cold change in weather on a very hot day. It can also happen with hot change on a cold day.Therefore never pitch a tent under the large overhanging trees. There is no warning before the trunk of a tree falls. As you may not wake up if the branch falls.




Beware of traveling through bush with tall trees and shrubs on a very hot days.Bush fires once started can travel very quickly depending on which way the wind blows.You may think you are safe, but the wind can change very quickly.Never light a fire during our hot summers; we have very important fire warnings.No fires at all during certain times of the year.




International travellers looking for that beautiful gem or nugget need to be aware of these dangers. Some areas are mined for gold, uranium, opals and a variety of other minerals.Often you will not see the deep dangerous mine shafts until you are virtually on top of them.Never stand on the edge of these holes as some go several hundred meters down. Therefore you may never be found again.











These are not something to be ignored by anyone.I have to admit that I was dreading going up to Queensland because of these.People appear to have a false sense of security because they cannot see any; they assume they are not there.DO NOT BE FOOLED. These critters sit on the bottom of the creek beds and even though you cannot see them, they can see you.




We went up to St Lawrence creek which is the only place where the tide goes out as quickly in Australia.The only other place which does the same is evidently in America at a place by the same name St Lawrence.We had been fishing there for three days and it wasn't until we drove up to the railway bridge that we noticed a sign warning us of crocodiles in that area.I was shocked, why wasn't there a sign on the way into that area?




Also while driving up to Bloomfield we saw several backpackers walking along the track (rough roadway).We didn't give them a lift because we were short of space and we had our dog on the back seat as well.Any way on the return trip they were heading back and they were also returning.We ended up stopping and gave them a ride.It was then they told us they had been swimming in the billabongs and pools.




We were shocked.They were told at the backpacker's hostel that it was safe as there were no crocodiles in that area.You can imagine what we said.To me the hostel was being very irresponsible and may have caused someone's death as these people come from another country and do not know about this.In fact we are Australians and we didn't know exactly where they were but were always cautious that's for sure.




At Isabella Falls out from Cook town we noticed a sign at the gate.No crocodiles here.Then as we walked towards the falls there was an updated one.Crocodile sited here last week, I was back in the vehicle in no time at all.




Tourist Boats encourage crocodiles to jump up to get a feed.This should be discouraged it is asking for trouble.There have been known attacks on kayakers. Let's face it the paddler is so close to the water and would not have a chance against a croc.




So before leaving your hometown, do your research and be aware of the hidden dangers in different countries. Your life may depend on this research and always use caution at all times.



Travel Insurance


Last but not least, make sure you have adequate travel insurance no matter where you are traveling. You never know when you may need it. Whether your luggage is lost, or you slip and hurt yourself . If you are insured you will be more comfortable knowing that you will get home safetly if you have any problems while in a strange country.