Wireless internet is great. It allows you to move throughout the home or office and connect to the internet without tripping over cords. However, sometimes a wireless internet signal does not extend very far from the router, and you end up using your computer at a desk right next to the router. To regain mobility, here are some tips to extend wireless range.

First, try moving the internet router around. Most commonly, a router is placed on the floor and simply moving it to a shelf can extend wireless range. You can also try to move the router to the center of the room, away from walls and furniture. Try experimenting with different positions to extend wireless range.

Find out if your neighbor also uses wireless internet, and place your router as far away from theirs as possible. Multiple routers can cause interference that may reduce your wireless range. You should also keep your router away from things like microwaves and cordless phones, as these will also interfere with your wireless signal.

If your neighbor does not have their own wireless internet, consider updating your security features. Many times, a neighbor will be using your wireless internet and essentially monopolize the signal. Adding security settings will only allow those with a password to use your wireless internet.

Consider purchasing a wireless antennae booster. This is a simple device that can extend wireless range and attaches to your router. You can also just purchase a new router with more advanced technology to extend wireless range. If you are using a router that is several years old, you may be surprised at how updated technology can effectively extend wireless range.