I have read a story today about a girl who died in the bathtub because here mom was addicted to Facebook and left her child un watched. If you are leaving your child un attended in any situation to be on the computer that is a no. There are many ways to figure out if you have Internet Addiction Disorder. There will be many and many more news stories to come that show Internet Addiction and the sad stories coming from it. This is the time now to snip the disorder in the butt and show them who is boss.

Internet Addiction Disorder is a disorder that makes it hard for you to leave the Internet for long periods of time. It is estimated that around 5 – 10% of all Internet users are addicted to the Internet. It can either be addicted to games, chatting online shopping or web site development. Bellow will be many ways to get your self-UN addicted to the online lifestyle,

Different signs to tell if you have Internet Addiction Disorder and how to loose it.

You must be on the look out for the following conditions:

  1. Do you try to get off the computer and have trouble doing so.
  2. Are you very secretive or defensive when others question you on what you do online?
  3. Do you feel depressed about being offline for any amount of time?
  4. Do you neglect you personal cleanliness.
  5. Do you eat more in front of the computer then not?
  6. Do you try to spend just a few more minutes that never turn out to be a few more minutes?

If you have answered yes to more then one of these questions, you may have an online Internet addiction. This will just get worse if left un attended. Please seek medical advice as soon as possible. If you do not want to see any one please try some of these following tips:

1. Make a predetermined amount of time that you are aloud to be on the computer.

2. Set a alarm clock across the room with the allotted amount of time.

3. Leave the house and take a walk.

4. Call someone on the phone.

5. Write someone a snail mail letter.(yes the post office is still around)

With continued help from your friends and family even you can be cured of Internet Addiction Disorder. Please spend time with your kids if you have any. You nay not know but time just flies by when you're busy. You do not want to get up from your computer one day and find out that your child has either grown up or passed away because of your addictions online.