By Internet Advertising, we mean promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. Internet advertising is very similar to TV and radio advertising. The information is free to all and cost is also less. A major advantage of Internet advertising is the ability to attract a specific target audience. This advantage is limited or nonexistent in other forms of media advertising. With the internet, ads are directed towards the right group of people.

By advertising to a particular group through a blog which specializes in a specific field, chances of success are indeed great. Another advantage is that the customers receive information directly and brand loyalty leads to increased sales and also create loyal customers. Another major benefit of online advertising is the immediate publishing of information and content that is not limited by geography or time. Majority business owners worldwide know that the Internet has now become an essential tool when it comes to running their businesses successfully. The advertiser should be capable to locate people who are using the Internet; their key interests in the time spend on the Internet and their preferences to purchase products and services on a daily basis.

Further to above advantages, there are also disadvantages like it is a "limited" market that can be conquered, if you only use the Internet for advertising display. While more and more people every day, are getting into the use of technology and surfing the World Wide Web; there are quite a few of the average consumers who are still with the conventional forms of advertising as a means to gather information on certain products and services. Also, additional costs will be incurred if one has to rent an agency for the production of a site and/or advertising for a product or service, the returns for the expenses incurred would become a questionable.

Internet advertising has come a long way; however one needs to be selective about the choice of sites for internet advertising as it would impact the revenues of the company. One needs to exercise prudence and patience during this whole process to reap the benefits.