Keywords, Key words Density And SEO

People put their words in print for various reasons including profit, praise, perpetuity or pleasure. Authors who write articles for addition to websites or submission to online article directories always face a troublesome task,  in addition to producing a worthwhile article because they must be aware of primary key words.

Many times the idea for an article will appear from nowhere and any decent author will be able to flesh out the article with little difficulty.  The problem arises when that author considers what must be done for his or her article to be discovered and read by online visitors.Keyword AnalysisCredit:

Information Is Only Valuable If It Can Be Found

No matter how interesting or valuable an article might be,  if it does not find it's way to the first or second page of the Google search engine,  it will probably remain lost in some lonely database never to see the light of day.

When an author considers the millions of articles and other information published to the web on any given day, they are rightfully concerned about the chances of their masterpiece finding it's way to the first page of Google. What do they need to do in order to have any chance at all of making it to that prized first Google page?

The problem involves a number of parts. First understanding what methods Google uses to determine which are the best sites or articles to place above all others. While page rank and backlinks play an important role it appears that Google uses something called SEO, (search engine optimization), as one of the most important.

The Important Role Of SEO

Describing SEO can take pages of text to cover all the various opinions and theories related to the subject. However for the online author the use of key words and keyword phrases, which is a part of SEO,  is a high priority and will affect the finished article in a number of ways.

Proper SEO includes optimizing an article around a major primary keyword or keyword phrase. These keywords are what internet surfers use to find information through the use of a search engine. The exact words that these people use to find information are the words that will need to be included in an article to help it find a first page placement.

If a author were to write an article about mortgages and if mortgage were the primary keyword then that keyword should be placed in the title of the article. It will also need to be in the first paragraph as close to the beginning as possible. The same exact key word or phrase will need to be once in the final paragraph and sprinkled throughout the article at least once or twice for every 100 words. This is known as keyword density and it is important to maintain a high density,  but at the same time making sure not to exceed a one or two percent density,  or Google will punish that article  labeling the extra keywords as keyword spam.

A Number Of Steps Are Necessary For Proper Search Engine Optimization

In addition to the above the primary keyword should be underlined once, italicized once and made broad once. The purpose of this activity is to show the search engine bots or spiders that crawl the article what the primary keyword or subject is. Remember in most cases your article will be seen by a piece of software and not a human. That software must be able to determine the primary subject of your article and determine whether it is a good unique authority article or just a rehash of already available information.

While this keyword placement is important, additional thought must be given to these keywords. In the case of the mortgage article an exact match search of this word might reveal that it is searched on average about 49,500 times a month. While all that traffic might be considered a sure path to a high first page ranking other considerations must be made.

How much competition is there from other sites on the first page. In other words will you have a chance to outrank an existing site. There are a number of factors which can be used to determine the strength of the existing sites. One of those factors is page rank. In general a site with a higher page rank has a better chance of retaining a high position. Of course it is more complex than this alone but a good determination can be made by considering the page rank of the first four sites on the first page of Google.

Checking mortgage on the first page of Google shows the first four positions are pg7, pg6, pg6 and pg5. This in effect means that without a lot of backlinking and other work it will be almost impossible to outrank any of these sites.  It would seem that the next step would be to search for a keyword phrase which includes the word mortgage that gets sufficient search traffic but does not have so much competition.

Searching for a better choice of key words might lead the author to less competitive phrases such as home mortgage, first mortgage, reverse mortgage or any number of less competitive keyword phrases. The problem that occurs when trying to change the article to fit a new keyword is that it might be hard to convey the same information the author intended.

This describes the quandary. How can the same material be covered and at the same time satisfy this need for SEO optimization? In the off line world any author writing an article for profit would concern themselves to considering a particular subject that a publisher was interesting in purchasing. The article could be prepared with care to cover the subject matter in an informative or entertaining manner. It would not be necessary to try to build the article around a certain keyword.

The internet article author is faced with the sometimes troublesome task of completing the article with the primary key words inserted as mentioned above while making sure the article conveyed the information originally intended, and taking care to insure that the insertion of the primary keyword multiple times and in prescribed locations does not ruin the flow of the material.

In this article for instance which began as a discussion of the problems of  incorporating the best primary keywords to gain the best chance of getting any article to the first page of Google,  the primary keyword would have been “keyword”. However that particular word has too much competition to be a good choice.

Doing a search it was found that the phrase “key words” received a good deal of monthly search volume and at the same time has very moderate competition making it a better choice. A close look at this article will reveal that it has been treated in the manner described above in the proper SEO placement. However an article of this type still offers some complications when trying to keep the primary phrase from appearing too often, even though it would seem normal in an article not concerned with keyword density.

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