A decade ago, entrepreneurship meant bank loans, investors, traditional advertising and painstaking business start-ups. Today, while those types of business endeavors remain popular, there is a stark increase in Internet entrepreneurship through websites, affiliates, blogs and Internet advertising. While the start-up costs of an Internet business are often much lower than that of brick and mortar businesses, the obstacles and competition are no doubt just as, if not more challenging in the world of the Internet.

Entrepreneur Mentors

Internet entrepreneurs can take encouragement in a few things, the first of which is a seemingly endless supply of been-there, done-that mentors that are willing to share their experiences on blogs and in e-books. These blogs and newsletters not only provide tips and tools for success in specific niches and markets, but also give sporadic encouragement for those who are feeling like throwing in the towel. Try subscribing to a couple of these blogs' RSS feeds and newsletters. Browse forums for legitimate e-book reviews, and be willing to have an open mind.

One Year Internet Investment

Unlike a brick and mortar business that is flooded with traffic at its grand opening, Internet entrepreneurship can be slow to take off. If after three months the business doesn't begin taking in large amounts of traffic and cash flow, many entrepreneurs will quit. It is important to remember that the average blog or website will take approximately one year to reach full fruition with typical marketing strategies in the average niche. Hang in there and give it some real time to accumulate a reputation and regular traffic. Be sure to monetize with website ad share revenue and affiliate products. Also, if you are new to creating websites and don't feel like you know what you're doing, consider choosing a web hosting company with an easy, integrated interface that walks you through setting up the website step by step.

The Simplicity of Internet Advertising

Take heart in the potential for advertising in an Internet business. Advertising can be free through bartering with other websites and companies. Free article submissions can promote an Internet business to thousands of people by piggybacking on the successful page ranks of large article directories. Additionally, the rise in social media is opening new doors for niche-specific advertising to precise demographics. Social media has no limits and can cause vast influxes of business traffic over time.

Try, Try Again

It is said that Thomas Edison tried thousands of times to perfect the light bulb before he nailed it. Knowing that his success sparked a revolution in the way we live today, it is okay to fail at something. The benefit of an Internet business is that a new start-up is just a few of clicks of the mouse and a new domain name away.