Here a 5 crimes that originate in the online world that you need to be careful with or they could happen to you.

Twitter Burglars

Many people update their Twitter page and tell people they are out of town. Burglars use this information to plan their burglary. The burglars know when you are out of town so they do not have to worry about you coming home while they are stealing all of your valuables.

Rapist Roommate

A single woman places an Ad on Craigslist,Myspace, or any other website with a classified ad section and Internet Crimes to watch Out Forseeks a "female roommate to share a 2 bedroom apartment". A potential rapist reads this and now knows that you are a single woman currently living alone. He can use this information to target the woman and rape her.

Ebay Gunman

A wins an Ebay auction you had for something valuable. He contacts you and wants to pick up the item in person from you. You think thats no problem because he lives in the same town and he's going to give you your money when he picks up the item. The winning bidder shows up and robs you at gun point. He may also threaten to harm your family if you contact the police or Ebay. Your family is now potentially in danger because the winning bidder knows where your house is.

Gas Guzzling Test Drive

You have a vehicle for sale and somebody wants to test drive it. Your not worried about the potential buyer stealing the car because it's an old clunker and he drove up in a very nice Cadillac. The potential buyer takes the car for a short test drive but when he is out of sight from you he pulls over and siphons out all of the gas into fuel cans he has hidden. After he siphons out the fuel into the cans he hides the fuel cans in the bushes. He drives the car back to your house. He left just enough fuel in the car to get it back to your home. He tells you hes no longer interested in the car. He gets back into his own vehicle and dries back to pick up the furl cans that are loaded with the gasoline out of your vehicle.

The gas thieves can hit multiple targets a day.

Prostitution Hidden Camera

A woman advertises her sexual services for sale. She gets contacted by a man who arranges to meet her at a local motel. He asks her to masturbate on the bed. He may or may not have sex with her. He pays the girl and then she leaves. All is well the prostitute thinks. After all she's just a college girl or a single mother trying to make some extra money to get by. Unknown to the hooker though is the man had hidden cameras in the motel room and recorded the hooker masturbating on the bed.

The man can now attempt to blackmail her but usually this crime does not involve blackmail. Instead the man will sell the video and it will be posted on a Russian based membership site. Eventually the video will end up all over the Internet. This single mother or college student who simply needed some extra money will now find a video of her nude and acting sexual all over the Internet. It is their for everyone to see. Her family, her employer, her kids, her future husband, her friends, and millions of strangers around the world.

The hidden camera can also be used the other way with the hooker placing the hidden cameras to capture the male. She can then blackmail the man into more money or she may also sell the video.

There are countless Internet based crimes being committed with new nes springing up daily. By staying alert and protecting your private information you can protect yourself and your family from falling victim to criminal activity.