Dating Profile Examples
Credit: torbak hopper via Flickr

The dating profile that you create can make or break your dating experience. It’s important to create a profile that is real and can potentially let sparks fly with other online dateable people out there. To give you an idea on the best profiles you can create, here is a list of the best dating profile examples that you can get inspiration from.

Profile # 1: Funny Profile

Everybody embraces the funny guy. First off, start with a really funny picture. Stay away from the conventional beauty shot that emphasizes your best assets on the face. Go for something really goofy yet not stupid looking. Don’t be too casual about your interests as well. Don’t place in there the boring music, books and TV stuff. Place the really funny ones like your favourite sitcoms, spontaneity activities and the like. Just be sure to be really down to earth. No funny guy comes out as a know it all and boastful. 

Profile # 2: Adventurous Profile

Show other online dating profiles that you dare to do (and that you actually do it)! Post pictures of you doing the bold and daring stuff that you love such as skydiving, skiing, parasailing, hiking, cycling and the like. The daredevilish type is always an attractive one! The best thing about this is that you will also be attracting people with the same interests and that you can actually, potentially, do these fun things together someday. It’s pretty hard to look for someone to go skydiving within your vicinity, isn’t it?

Profile # 3: Witty Profile

Some men and women don’t really care what you look like (for real). They focus on what is inside your head simply because all they are ever looking for is substance in a person. If you are smart, then use that to your advantage and flaunt it in your dating profile. Besides, if you are indeed very smart, then you will want someone who you can have decent conversations with. For some people, a connection built from conversations and words is where the spark begins. Make sure to list down your interests so you can find someone with similar interests as yours.

Profile # 4: Romantic Profile

Are you a hopeless romantic? If yes, then there’s no need to consider it as a weakness. Because the truth is, there are actually a lot of people out there who believe that being a hopeless romantic is truly adorable. It is indeed a bold move to tell potential partners that you are a hopeless romantic but the thing is, you might actually come across someone who has the same passion as you, and that would not be a bad thing at all! Be sweet, subtle and really amorous on your profile and you will surely get the kind of attention you want from the people who will appreciate you for who you really are. 

Your dating profile speaks so much of you are and your intentions. These dating profile examples are just a few but they are the most popular ones you can find. I hope that they serve as an inspiration to creating your own. There is just one rule to follow here – be yourself!