There are a wide variety of internet football games to play online. If you don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars on a playstation or Xbox, then you can find other ways to play football games on the internet. The most popular internet football games to play, or football games in general is Madden football games. However, you can even play Madden football games on the internet. I'll even show you where you can play internet football games for free. Well not Madden games for free anyways. One of the the benefits of playing internet football games online is that they're much cheaper. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on consoles just to play football games.

PC Internet Football Games to Play

If you're looking for a cheap internet football game to play, then backyard football is a decent football game to play online. You can buy backyard football '08 online at amazon, and for about $10 dollars. A cheap internet game for cheap thrills. However, if you're looking for authentic internet football games to play, then this is definitely not the football game for you. It's more like a kids football game, but it can still be entertaining. There is a really good PC football game called black college football: the xperience. It's only going for about $30 dollars at amazon, and It's one of the better internet football games to play online. The game is just as good as EA sports college football games. It's a football game featuring 40 historical black colleges. Online mode is available as well.

If you're looking for Madden football games to play on your PC, unfortunately Madden discontinued making Madden games for PC. However, there are still older Madden internet football games to play for PC. It sure beats nothing, right? Madden is by far the most popular football game to play. The last Madden game that was made for the computer was 2008. I guess you can go back and add newer players and make roster additions if you like. Madden internet football games for PC are going for cheap prices for just $10 dollars. You can buy online at sears, amazon, kmart, and

Mac Internet Football Games to Play

Madden football games aren't just available for PC, but even mac has Madden NFL football games. Just like PC, the latest addition available is 2008 Madden. The Madden NFL 2008 is a bit more expensive for mac computers. However, atomic mall is selling Madden for $39.99. There aren't as many internet football games to play for mac, than there are for PC computers. Backyard football 2002 games are available for really cheap prices. Digital foto club,, and are selling games for under $5 dollars. Ebay is selling backyard internet football games for mac for just $1.95.

Free Internet Football Games to Play

There are some places to play free internet football games. You can play free arcade football games at where you can play games like electra QB, QB assault, and a variety of other football games. You don't play as teams, and they're definitely just football games for short-term use. These are just arcade type football games to play for free on your computer. You can play free football games at It's a two minute football game that can be played for free. At you can sign up and play free football games, featured by EA sports. I like the pogo All-Star football game. You can play scrimmage games or play an entire season. You can compete against others online. It's a free internet football game to play. No real players or team used. Teams and players are fictional.