Internet history deletion is one effective way to protect yourself from any privacy-related issues in the future. Your personal computer stores several information that you may not want others to view which include the topics you have looked for, the website that you have seen and other activities including banking, booking, and etc. The type of browser you use is also a factor. For example, Internet Explorer poses the tendency to leave some browsing traces on your pc whereas with Mozilla Firefox, it increases your online privacy. Some software can be used in deleting the history. However, there are also very easy steps that a user can take if he or she wishes to get rid of these traces. When using the Internet Explorer browser, it is a typical problem that traces of the websites can be directly seen through the drop down box of the URL address bar. A different user can see what type of information the previous user looked for b y simply going to the specified website. How to delete Internet history in this case? To get rid of these traces, you may go to 'Tools' option and look for 'Internet Options'. The next thing you do is to hit the tab that reads 'Clear history' and finally save what you have done by choosing 'Yes'. To prevent another user from tracing your activity, you may go to Tools and choose the Internet Options tab. You may then click on General and select the Delete button once the Browsing History appears. Finish the step by finally clicking on Yes. For Firefox users, the step is just a little different. To delete history, first go to Tools and click on Options. Look for Privacy and once you found it, hit the Clear Now tab. Do not forget to tick the Browsing History options and select the option that says Clear Private Data Now. To end the process, click on OK and then your history is completely deleted. In this time when Cyber Crimes are now becoming a big headache for many, it is very important to understand the need of having a protected Internet browsing. Another tip is to eliminate toolbars which are considered third party. This is reducing the risk of being traced. How to delete Internet history is a skill that every Internet user must know to avoid any problems in the future. Learn the steps and stay protected at all times.