Before I go into too much detail, I'd like to admit something. Affiliate marketing is the most attractive business model for me right at this moment. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in making money online. It's a good choice for newbies for many reasons but first and foremost it's an interesting choice because it does not require you to actually own any physical product in order to sell it and therefore there is not inventory and the overhead is really low.

The only real expenses in affiliate marketing are the set up costs(domain name, hosting fees, etc) and paid advertising costs(if you choose the paid advertising route). Affiliate marketing has huge potential and I highly recommend it to anyone just starting out in the world of online marketing. I personally use to find affiliate products to promote. But there are a lot of other great affiliate marketing opportunites out there of course.

I'm writing this article to help brainstorm ways to build a real sustainable online business that will continue to generate income for years to come and ideally would eventually become a fully automated business that does not require much of an investment in terms of time and money. One option of course is writing for infobarrel... If done right, you could make at least a couple of thousand dollars a month in extra money just by writing articles on here. If you want to make that much money on Infobarrel, your first step is to sign up(check out the information on signing up in my signature box) and once you're signed up you would have to learn things like SEO and keyword research. The absolute best guide I've come across for writing profitable articles here on Infobarrel is called the Infobarrel Success course and it's worth the investment because of the great introductory education you'll get on building your Infobarrel writing business.

I have many other ideas of course about how to make a good income online. The only ways I've personally already made money online are through affiliate marketing on clickbank and through writing here on Infobarrel. Granted, I haven't tried all that many different make money online opportunities and I'm certain that if I would have tried different things, I would have seen more success. It all boils down to finding a game plan and implementing it. Seeing what works and adjusting course accordingly.

One great idea that I'd like to discuss is that instead of being an affiliate on clickbank you could be the merchant and make even more money. What this would entail is that you would create your own information product and recruit affiliates through clickbank who will do all the promoting of your product for you. I'm by all means not an expert when it comes to information product creation or marketing but one of the biggest success stories is that of Mike Geary who create The Truth About Abs. He makes millions upon millions of dollars every single year through that one product. It's really a best seller and you could learn a lot from his strategies.