Maintain Integrity

Guard Your Online Reputation

You are an honest, honorable person who is fascinated by the idea of Internet marketing and you want to hold on to your values while succeeding in your online business. It’s great to be your own boss in many ways, but it can also be a serious challenge. You want to be a sales person with integrity. In fact, integrity is everything in the world of sales (both online and offline). There are Internet marketers out there doing very well who have not compromised their integrity in the least. You want to emulate them.

Sell products you have tried and that work. If you have actually tried a product and determined that it is a solid product or service, your sales pitch will be much more convincing. For starters, you have firsthand knowledge about and experience with the product, which means that if potential customers ask you specific questions, you will be able to answer their questions completely and in precise (rather than general) terms.

Do not oversell any of the products that you promote. As you already know, the Internet (much like the offline world) is full of sales people who over hype products that are not really all that great. If  you write sales copy, make sure that it is not over the top. People will appreciate that you are not trying to bombard them with hyperbole. Let people know what the product does using simple, concise and straightforward language. You will stand out from the pack.

Build trust between your potential customers and yourself. You do this slowly, over time, by always providing honest answers to questions, by behaving professionally at all times and by providing excellent service on a consistent basis. Establishing a good reputation early on in your Internet marketing careers is critical to your success.

If you have tried a product that does not work, do not sell it. If you do, you will not respect yourself, and you may also run the risk of compromising your reputation as an Internet marketer. On a similar note, perhaps you have been scammed by an online marketer whose behavior was/is less than honorable. If this is the case, then you know what it is like and you would never want to put another person in that same position. When you operate online, your reputation is everything. Do everything in your power to protect yours and make yourself proud.