Like they say the popular television show, "who wants to be a millionaire"? With the proliferation of Internet money making sites, it would seem that practically everyone does. Stories abound of people who make fantastic sums of money with hardly any effort. It's time to check the facts, however. Most stories of instant wealth are quite unusual, The reality is quite different. There is money to be made on the Internet, a lot of money. Unless you win the Internet lottery, it isn't going to happen instantly, though. You will have to devote time and effort to make it happen. Will you become a millionaire? You might. Do you need to be a millionaire? You might not. The trick is to make money at what you like to do and then live like a millionaire. You won't necessarily need a million dollars to do it. Many people are making real money on the Internet as a direct result of their efforts. Do you want to be one of them? You can be with some hard work and luck.

Internet Scams
Before you start trying to make money on the Internet, you should be aware of the scams that are out there. You want to be careful. Luckily there is a large community of people that act as the informal police department of the Internet. They are happy to share their experiences and opinions about the various money making opportunities that you may encounter. For every one of them, there should be information available that exposes the scams. If there isn't, then you should skip the opportunity until more data is available to you. Even before you research an opportunity to determine its legitimacy, you can evaluate these questions:
- Is it too good to be true? It probably is.
- Do you have to act now? Limited number of spots available? Beware! Internet opportunities work by having large volumes.
- Do you need to send money first? This isn't a direct scam indicator but it can be. The difference is the material you get for your seed money. Many opportunities want you to sign up, especially for a monthly fee, and you merely get a registration. Legitimate opportunities offer substantial content such as a marketing course and have no further obligations.
- Do you need to replicate the opportunity amoung your friend? Beware! They could be using you to promote their scam.

If you find an Internet money making opportunity that can't answer these questions favorably, or which is flagged by the community of other money makers, then you can be sure it's a scam. You certainly won't be making a million dollars with them.

Internet Money Making Opportunities - Categories
There are a few Internet money making methods that are available to you:

Advertising Revenue Sharing
This opportunity allows you to submit content to a web hosting site such as Infobarrel. The site is supported by ads supplied by agencies such as Yahoo or Google Adsense. The ads support the pay per click cost model. This establishes a cost to the product advertiser each time a displayed ad is clicked on by a viewer. The operator of the web hosting site shares the pay per click revenue with the content providers. This encourages authors to submit content articles which bring in web viewers. The pay per click amounts vary widely but they can be lucrative. For well written articles that resonate with the viewers, the amount of advertising revenue shared can be substantial. There are many techniques that boost revenue sharing potential for the authors.

Affiliate Marketing
This opportunity allows you to register with an affiliate catalogue site such as Clickbank. You review the affiliate offers and promote them on the Internet yourself. Each time one of the offers is acted upon by a viewer, you are rewarded. Many of the affiliate offers have more than one payment stream. For each that is clicked on by a viewer, there is a preset pay per click amount that is sent to the affiliate marketer. If the potential customer buys the offer then an additional amount is sent. The affiliate marketer reviews the list of available offers and evaluates them on various criteria. Often a marketer has a business web site that can show affiliate offers in one area. The marketer would select affiliate offers that are related to web content. Those with high pay per click amounts might be selected. Others that give a high purchase amount might be selected. Affiliate marketing can be done without a business website as well. The marketer writes content articles that describe the affiliate offer. When these are published, a link to an affiliate offer is also shown to the viewer.

Product Creation or Promotion
Perhaps you have invented a particular product that can be advertised on the Internet. You can market it yourself via the Internet to generate sales. You can also market available products. To do so, you will need your own Internet web site. You describe the products and establish an order entry system. There are a lot of steps involved in this type of Internet activity, but most of them are fairly easily done. There are guides available to help you with the process.

Drop Shipping
This method allows you to sell products via an Internet web site or an online auction facility like eBay. When orders are received, the product is shipped from a distributor to the customer. You market the product and establish the ordering process. The distributor takes care of product manufacturing and shipping. You receive a percentage of each item sold. The products can be inexpensive giving you a small reward per item amount or they can be more expensive for a larger reward.

A lot of Internet marketing professionals have become quite successful with their Internet businesses. They have mastered quite a number of skills that they bring together to generate revenue. Many of these people offer their expertise to their client base. Usually they market an in depth Internet marketing guide, an electronic book or they can be hired to establish Internet technologies for customers. Because there are so many steps involved when setting up an Internet presence, you can really save a lot of time using the services of these professionals. Ask the standard Internet questions to establish whether it is a trustworthy offer. The best ones will pass your confidence tests.

Internet Marketing Facts
The Internet only works with viewer traffic. People need to view web pages and act on them. Since most people are quite passive when they view pages successful Internet marketing usually relies on a large number of viewers. This allows for a significant number of events, (clicks, purchases, etc), to be generated when the event activity rate is low. Some successful web sites generate significant revenue with only three or four percent of the viewers responding to the content with an active event. With a thousand viewers, this could result in thirty or forty revenue opportunities. With a million viewers, this could mean a few thousand individual revenue streams. The numbers can be impressive when an Internet marketing campaign is particularly successful. With determination and effort, anyone can be a millionaire but most are too busy with other activities to actually do it.