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Internet Marketing: The Beauty & The Beast


Like a lot of other Internet Marketers, I spent several years thinking and learning about this business before taking action. When I realized that it was far easier to provide a little value to millions than a lot of value to a few people, and that I could provide this value on a recurring basis, my focus was changed forever.


The beauty of Internet Marketing lies in the lifestyle it can provide if you are suited for the work involved. Imagine talking all day with people that have similar interests. You share stories about the latest and greatest ideas, products, and experiences. When someone has a problem that you know about, you tell them how they can fix it. When someone has an excellent idea, you help them develop it. And when someone has a great product, you help them promote it. If this sounds like a good fit, then Internet Marketing may be for you.


But what if you are a small business owner, coach, or own a personal practice. How can Internet Marketing be beneficial to you? Well, do you have more clients than you can handle so that you have to constantly refer business to your friends and colleagues? If yes, you may want to read The 4 Hour Workweek and remove yourself as a bottleneck so that you can do more business. Then you can use Internet Marketing to reach even more clients. If not, then Internet Marketing can help you get you achieve the earlier “problem" of having more clients than you can handle.


The hardest thing to do is get started and play the waiting game. Making sales at first means going out and getting traffic, often spending hours adding value in forums, article directories, and promoting search engine friendly content just to get one person's attention.


However, over the weeks and months, one person becomes two, two become four, four eventually turns into a hundred, and a hundred turns into tens of thousands, maybe even millions. As the number of prospects increases, prospects turn into clients. As clients increase, free referrals (word of mouth) leads to more prospects, clients, and referrals. You can reinvest your earnings with great effect, leverage your clients to attract more prospects, and enjoy free referral business along the way. Eventually, you get free, organic traffic, and Internet Marketing works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The hardest part is the first year, where you will literally work several hours every day with little or no reward. You may think that you have what it takes when you start, but few will make it a month, fewer can do this for two months, fewer still make the 6 month mark, and almost nobody makes it a full year when the sales finally start to trickle in.


My first Infobarrel article series has

5 Objectives


            1. To teach you about what Internet Marketing is and is not.

            2. To teach you the basics of safe investing.

            3. To let you know the actual costs of Internet Marketing.

            4. To teach you how to succeed in Internet Marketing.

            5. To give you a few methods to choose from when you start.



In short, I want to be upfront about what Internet Marketing is and is not, what to expect, and how to succeed.


Stay tuned for my next articles which will cover these topics in depth.

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