There are a number of broadband providers that offer internet packages that come with Wi-Fi services.  Now, you might be wondering why you would want this because you already have the internet package.  The fact is that these Wi-Fi services allow you to connect to the internet anywhere.  There are more and more hotspots around the country and you should be able to access them. 

Internet Packages with Wi-Fi Hotspots

Getting home broadband is seen as an essential, much like getting electricity or water.  The fact is that we don’t often think about our internet needs outside of the home.  However, this is actually something we should be looking at because more of us have mobile devices that connect to the internet outside the home. 

You might be thinking that this is the reason why we have mobile broadband.  Most mobile devices are able to connect to either the 3G or 4G broadband network.  You should consider what you are actually getting with these connections.  Most mobile broadband is unstable and the speeds can vary greatly.  You also have to stick to a data allowance, linked to the mobile internet packages you have. 

By using the Wi-Fi hotspots you will not have to worry about the amount of data you are using.  These hotspots often offer greater speeds than the mobile broadband ,  s they run off a wireless signal that will be more stable than the 3G connection.

Where to find hotspots

Now that you know about these hotspots, you might be wondering where they are.  Many people have no idea where these hotspots could be and are not able to use them because of this.  Many establishments like cafes, bars, restaurants and libraries have these hotspots.  The reason for this is that it may increase the amount of business they get, as people have to buy something to use the broadband.

There are many other places where you can get Wi-Fi hotspot access.  Many train stations now have internet access, as do some taxis.  The problem you might find with all Wi-Fi hotspots is that you have to pay to use them.  There are some hotspots that are free to use, but many of them require payment.  The payment will come in two ways:

  • The first way is through a pass that allows you to use the hotspot.  These passes will allow you access for a limited amount of time. 
  • The second way you have to pay is by being a customer of a certain broadband provider.  This could be a home broadband provider or a mobile broadband provider.

With this being the case it is best to look for internet packages that give you access to these hotspots.  When you have one of these packages you will not have to worry about whether you are able to use the hotspot. Different providers offer you access to differing numbers of hotspots.

BT Broadband packages

When you are looking for free Wi-Fi access, BT is possibly the best option.  All BT packages come with access to hotspots.  These hotspots are known as BT Openzone and are located throughout the country.  You can even get an app for your phone, or tablet, that tells you where your closest hotspot is.

You should note that BT hotspots are offered outside of the UK too.  There are certain international destinations that also have these hotspots.  This means that, if you have a BT internet package in the UK, you can get onto the internet in Russia on their hotspots. 

Access to the hotspots you get with your broadband package is unlimited.  This means that you do not have to worry about how much data you are using.  This is ideal for people who are out and about all day.

O2 Broadband

When you are using an O2 hotspot, you should not have to have an O2 contract.  The fact is that this provider has allowed everyone to use their hotspots for free.  This has been true for as long as O2 has had hotspots, but could change.  O2 has been sold to Sky, which could cause the hotspots to be limited to O2 customers.

If you are an O2 customer, this should not affect you too much as you should still get access to the hotspots.  The problem is whether you have to sign up to certain Sky packages or not.

Sky Broadband

Access to the Sky Wi-Fi hotspots is limited to customers who have certain Sky broadband packages.  You will need to have Sky Connect, Unlimited or Fibre Unlimited to get unlimited access to the Wi-Fi network.  You will also get unlimited access to Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots available around the country. 

It should be noted that, if you have Sky Go, you can combine this and the Wi-Fi hotspots.  This means that you will be able to watch Sky TV while you are out and about, at no extra cost.  You will also not have to worry about the amount of data you are using with Sky Go, because you have unlimited access to the hotspots.

Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media does not have the same far-reaching network of Wi-Fi hotspots that other providers do.  This means that their broadband packages do not offer access to hotspots in the same way.  There is one advantage that you can get, if you are a Virgin Media customer.

Any Virgin Media customer will have access to the Wi-Fi offered on the London Underground.  This Wi-Fi is offered by Virgin Media and is available at 120 different stations.  This is something that makes Virgin Media an attractive option to people who use the Underground often. 

It is important that you look at what Wi-Fi hotspots are offered by providers.  The problem is that, if you are looking at one of the smaller providers, you will not be able to get access.  The reason the larger providers can offer the hotspots is because they own the infrastructure.