Are you confused as to what all you will need with your new VOIP phone? There are many people making the switch from legacy style phone systems over to the new internet phone adapters. You can make carrier quality calls using the new Linksys internet phone adapter. Stop filling the pockets of the fat cats at the phone company and start saving on your monthly phone bill today. There are many brands jumping into the internet phone game these days including Magic Jack, Ooma, Vonage and others, but there is no company that has been around as long and has a highly respected name like Linksys. Linksys has been making high quality hubs, routers and other internet/telephony devices for many years and also has some of the best support in the industry. So do not waste your time or money on the other low end internet phone adapters on the market when you could have the best.

Now, this is my opinion. But having tried some of the other available internet phone adapters, here is why I like the Linksys adapter best.

Linksys internet phone adapters promise to be the best quality on the market today and offer interoperable with common telephony equipment like voicemail, Fax, PBX, and interactive voice response systems that many of the others do not. This is why many consumers are moving their VOIP phone service over to the Linksys Internet Phone Adapter. The ability to make phone calls from the internet phone adapter is nothing new. All models will do this; however, many of the popular brands will not let you do outgoing faxes and pbx services as well. This is one reason that the Linksys internet phone adapter really stands out of the crowd. It just means that you will have less problems and fewer exceptions overall. You don't have to worry about this adapter does one function but another does not. With the internet phone adapter from Linksys you are just good to go.

Another thing that I really like about this adapter is the high end voip encryption algorithm it uses. You can rest assured that your calls will always be crystal clear and never be dropped, and that nobody will be eavesdropping on your calls. Some internet phone adapters made by other companies cannot promise this of their products, because they use inferior electronics and technologies to deliver lower quality voip internet phone adapter service. Do not be fooled by the competition, this is not something you want to go cheap on to save a few bucks. You will be saving incredible amounts of money on monthly service fees you will not be paying any longer using an internet phone adapter, so don't skip on the basic equipment to make it work right and securely. In the long run customers are always happier with a higher quality product, and that is what Linksys has brought with their phone adapter for the internet, a high quality product that you can rely on every time.

The use of the voip internet phone adapter could not be any easier. You pretty much just plug and play this device into your existing internet connection, and then connect up to 2 separate phones to the device. The high end Linksys voip phone adapter allows you to use two totally different phone numbers on the same device. This is another feature that you will not see with the other competing voip devices out there. You can easily plug in a 2 line cordless phone to the voip adapter and then place different base stations and handsets in different location throughout your house. Really, this is extremely easy to set up and I am surprised that more people have not done it yet. As internet phone adapter becomes more common place you will see many more features to come, but for the price there is already a lot of built in value on most all of the voip phone adapters on the market.

See, I am not saying the other adapters are "bad", I just think that the Linksys is better as of writing this. Is it perfect? No, the technology is still being enhanced and perfected. But it is darn good and perfectly usable today.

If you are using an internet phone adapter for business purposes, it is even more important that you are using a trusted and reliable device. Nothing looks more unprofessional than having dropped calls with clients or just really bad reception when you are trying to close a big deal. This is a business investment that will save you tons of money on phone service, but you can't have inferior equipment or you look stupid. Do not take the chance of losing business because of a low quality internet phone, make sure to use the best out there, and you will never be let down.

Making the right choice on which internet phone adapter you are going to trust to use for your business can be one of the biggest decisions you make this year, and will pay off for years to come when you see the savings in phone service over time. The cost of a good internet phone service is a lot less than most people think and can really cut down on long distance calling rates and in most cases can get rid of them all together! You probably won't drop your existing land lines until you can prove to yourself that the technology works and is reliable. But, you are not the first to go down the path and you won't be the last. Internet phone service is here to stay and will only grow bigger every year. Just get the right equipment and do it right so you have the least number of hiccups.

If you are looking for the best internet phone adapter consider all of the great benefits that Linksys has to offer. You will be able to get more out of your phone service by having a voip internet phone adapter and you will love the quality that it adds to any internet phone. Also do not forget the most import part which is the money that you will save.