With the emerges of so many social websites, including Facebook, MSN spaces and Twitter, the news has always reminded us not to disclose so much personal information on the Internet. With the help of a computer, people can easily search you phone number, address and real name byfree reverse phone number lookup tools on the Internet, it is time for you to learn how to protect your own Internet privacy. Here we will talk about how you can set your own Internet privacy policy.

Here may be your Internet privacy policy:

1. Do not give your phone number away on the Internet.

There are always times you need to fill in your personal information to apply for a membership on the Internet. I do not suggest that you provide a random number but you may do so if you wish which however will lead you to a result that the companies would not be able to contact you by phone. They can still send you an email anyway. But this act can prevent people from being able to gain access to your personal information by reverse phone number lookup on the Internet. What if they need a real phone number for verification purpose?

2. Buy a prepcell phoneaid SIM card

What I would suggest is to get yourself a prepaid SIM card which you can utilize in many ways, including providing your prepaid SIM card number as your contact number on the Internet or even in the real world whenever you are required to provide a number but you are not truly willing to. You can use the prepaid SIM card with an old cell phone which means you may need to carry two cell phones around all the time. How tedious and inconvenient it will be! So, why not follow Step 3?

3. Forward the prepaid SIM card number

You then forward the prepaid SIM card number to your current number so whenever there is an incoming redirected call, you know it is not calling from someone close. It is up to you to pick up the phone or not now. But it would be awkward when people see you deliberately not answer a call in public. So you should not let your phone ring. You can change the phone to silent mode or you can select a mode that whenever there is a redirected call, your cell phone only vibrates instead of producing any sound.

4. Get your personal information removed form the online phonebooks


As you are aware that people can search your personal information from many search engines, there is a way you can do to protect your Internet privacy. You can go to Google Phonebook Name Removal page and get your contacts deleted. All you need to do is to fill the form on the webpage exactly as your listing appears but Google states that it would be a permanent action so you need to make sure that you really do not want to be listed. For WhitePages, you need to find your listing on their website first and then click "remove this listing" to get your listing deleted.

Since it is so easy to get access to people's personal information on the Internet nowadays, we should be more alert when giving away personal information. And I would strongly recommend that you buy a prepaid SIM card as it would not cost you much but the prepaid SIM card is going to protect your Internet privacy in the long run. There will be fewer chances for people to find your personal information by reverse phone number lookup on the internet.

Once you have set your own Internet privacy policy, you should comply with it by all means.

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