Internet Radio: Music Blog Aggregator We Are HuntedCredit: We Are HuntedWe Are Hunted is one of my favorite sites music discovery sites. It's hard to find the latest new and fresh music on the internet sometimes. On the internet you run into is the same ten or so songs that are being hyped by everyone simply because they are popular.

If you're looking for a handy place to easily listen to the latest emerging artist that aren't the same as what's on the pop charts We Are Hunted might be the place for you.

What it is not

We Are Hunted isn't a large music database with all of your favorite songs waiting to be played.  You can't search through the site and find whatever you want.

What it is

We Are Hunted is a blog aggregator music discovery site. Music that is being talked about from around the internet is pulled to We Are Hunted and is brought to one place for your listening pleasure. We Are Hunted focuses on emerging artists, specifically the top 99 tracks at any given time.  The content is highly curated and geared toward serious music fans.  We Are Hunted monitors sites all over the internet including blogs forums, and p2p networks searching for the top songs at the time.

The site provides fresh content on a daily basis, but some tracks stay on the list for a long time. For that reason it is best to tune into We Are Hunted once or twice a week and give the entire playlist a listen to find new music, instead of using it as a daily radio site.

The Web Player

We Are Hunted has a great visual design. More or less all you see on the site is a bunch of artist images tiled by their current popularity on We Are Hunted. Just click on the first track and the site will play through the most popular emerging songs on the internet at that time.

We Are Hunted also has a couple of other playlists aside from the emerging songs playlist, such as: Indie, Rock, Rap, and Most Shared Tracks.  So whatever your musical taste or interests you can find a playlist for you.

We Are Hunted scrobbles to which will make fans happy. This allows you to track your listening history on We Are Hunted, and enables you to find more great artist later on through


We Are Hunted is available not just online, but on most mobile devices. There are apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad. There is also an integrated app for Spotify which is really convenient when you are playing music on your desktop.