Music Blog Aggregators

These sites create internet radio stations by aggregating content from blogs around the web.  Basically these websites curate music blogs from around the web, and around the world.

These three sites offer very similar services, but with varying levels of content.  Hype Machine enables users to dig through the music that is hyped in the blogosphere. sorts music into genre channels based on the artists tags.  We Are Hunted serves up the top 99 songs being blogged about at anytime.

Internet Radio: Music Blog Aggregator Hype MachineCredit: Hype MachineHype Machine

Hype Machine is essentially a curated selection of music blogs with a really powerful front end for finding and discovering music that is being blogged about.  Hype Machine’s entire goal is to give a rich and wide variety of the best music on the internet.  They provide several different ways of finding and discovering new music on the site, including the ability to track your favorite blogs.  Hype Machine is by far the most - music blog aggregator on the list and provides the most tools for finding new music you’ll love.  Hype Machine pulls tracks from their originating blogs, and plays the tracks on the Hype Machine website, a negative which separates listeners.

Internet Radio: Music Blog Aggregator Shuffler.fmCredit: internet radio is very similar to the Hype Machine in that it is also based on a list of curated blogs.  While not as powerful or in-depth as has some cool key features that make it stand out as another tool in the music discovery arsenal.  All songs on are sorted into genre based channels according to each artist's genre tags on  Where Hype Machine pulls music to its site sends you on your merry way to visit the various blogs around the web from which your music is streaming.  All that you see of while you listen is their slim player bar at the top of you browser, and as each song changes will take you to a new blog.  This is great for bloggers, and provides a more rich user experience.

Internet Radio: Music Blog Aggregator We Are HuntedCredit: We Are HuntedWe Are Hunted

We Are Hunted provides the most narrow user experience by far of these three internet radio sites.  We Are Hunted specializes in the top 99 online at any given time.  They track not only blogs, but also social media, message boards, and P2P networks to come up with their top 99 songs.  The default channel on We Are Hunted is Emerging, which plays the 99 most popular up and coming songs.  However they also have Mainstream, Remix, and several genre channels to tune into.  A lot of the content on the site is unique and fresh, but some songs stay on the chart for a while.  We Are Hunted is by far my favorite music blog aggregator, but I don’t listen to it everyday since some song tend to linger on the chart.

Other Options

Music blog aggregators are a great option for finding new music, but they are definitely no the only options available for finding new tunes to add to you collection.  Pandora, and, and even YouTube are also great options for finding new music.