Using an internet speedometer is one of the best ways to quickly check your online speed and get advanced metrics on the overall health of your Internet Service Provider. You can use an online speedometer to not only check and measure your download rate but also your upload speed as well. Gathering this information can be an important step in diagnosing major connection speed problems and can help you to determine the root cause of any internet connection problems you may be experiencing.

The Best Internet Speedometers

One of the most popular internet speed checking tools can be found at, which hosts an advanced, free and quick-to-use internet speed checker. This tool is specifically designed to check your broadband speed and can immediately determine your region of the world based off your IP address. is a great tool if you need a fast overview of your ISP health, because it offers one-click measurements of your download and upload speeds.

After the test is complete, it will also tell you how you stack up compared with other internet users living near you. This is useful if you are trying to determine whether your connection speed problem is due to your ISP or something local to your computer like failing hardware or a virus. Sluggish computing on the web can sometimes be related to malware that might have infected your machine, so it's possible to use internet speedometers to determine the root cause of your slow connection.

Internet Speedometer for Checking Your Online Connection Speed

For example, should your online speed test check out fine, you know your Internet Service Provider is not to blame, so you can start looking for local causes of slow internet speeds. You should try replacing your ethernet cables and also run anti-malware and anti-virus sweeps on all your computer's hard drives.

Another popular internet speed checking service can be found at This online connection checker is also lightweight and fast to run. A great way to make sure any problems you're having with your internet is related to your Internet Service Provider. One advantage of using the speed test at is that it offers test servers in different cities throughout the USA. This is helpful for performing trace routes and can be useful if you are trying to troubleshoot a connection issue with the help of a technical support representative.

Finally, you can use these speed tools to ensure that you're getting the kind of speeds promised by your ISP. If you are paying extra money per month for faster internet services, it's only fair that your connection should, in fact, live up to the hype. These tools can give you actionable data over a given period of time that you can bring to your ISP's customer service rep should you be experiencing connection issues for an extended period.

Additional Services Offered by Internet Speedometers's download speed checker also offers a service called pingtest, which is a more in-depth analysis of how your connection is expected to perform while executing demanding tasks like streaming video or downloading movies and games.

Pingtest can be useful if youa re preparing to use your internet connection for high bandwidth activities like voice-over-internet communications or popular networking tools like Skype.