An Internet Success Story

....and how I'm not going to do anything the way he'd done it.

Recently Ryan Kett published what he said would be his last hub, and to prove it, he deleted about nine hundred of his Hubpages articles.  He told everyone "thanks and catch you later," and then told us all why he was leaving the site, deleting his massive amount of material, and then went on with the stats that made the rest of our mouths water.

Ryan's roughly nine hundred hubs in his three years, and  over his final two years alone,  had earned him forty thousand dollars.  He'd had fifteen million page views, and netted around twenty five hundred fans, followers, or readers.

So let me tell you about Ryan Kett - I've spoke to him in the forums and read his hubs, and he's a very nice guy, writes extremely well, and can and will often give persons some of the best possible advice concerning how they too could become so successful with just a computer and the will to write.  I admire the guy, and took a minute to thank him on his farewell article - but I don't do anything that he does in the way of determining what to write about, and I never will.

...but let me tell you some more about how awesome this Ryan Kett guy is first - have you thought about the numbers up there yet?  Nine HUNDRED hubpages articles in three years is one heck of a lot of articles...and I assure you that these weren't merely five hundred word bits of rubbish, the guy is a damn good writer to begin with, and these were all well written, attractive web pages that were put together in the most beneficial SEO way of doing things.  He'd also been a major  proponent of dofollow backlinking, and he'd join sites like SheToldMe, and write "scoops" there to promote his stuff, and on other similar sites as well.  What that is - is doing a hell of a lot of work.  Now - for three years of all day doing that he got forty thousand dollars in the final two years, and he'd stated that all of that was from - and as I am familiar with this writer, I know how well he follows stats and presents them - I don't doubt him at all, and his hubpages subdomain can be analyzed however you wish, but of course it is gone now.

Maybe forty thousand dollars doesn't sound like enough money for all the work that he'd done to you? Well, it should - that is a very nice chunk of change for staying at home in your comfort zone and typing onto a computer - there are no expenses so far as transportation, and the only conflicts he'd have would have been with the Hubpages moderator staff, and I assure you that they well knew that he was himself responsible for a lot of the site's income, and for bringing in a huge number of new authors as well - so he'd certainly got preferential treatment, whether he thought so or not.  That is forty grand over two years - I do not happen to know his first year's earnings, and he didn't say.

At this point you should be wondering why someone would delete such a large and profitable account.

Well, why would someone delete nine hundred profitable web pages?  Simple - it was good business sense.  Ryan Kett had slowed WAY down in production on for the simple reason that he was working on his own websites, and he deleted all his Hubpages articles in order to move them to his own websites - where he'd split no commissions with anyone.

Besides the dofollow backlinking scheme - Ryan had stated that hed done so well (FIFTEEN MILLION PAGE VIEWS!!!!!!)  by researching what either hadn't been covered before, or what hadn't been covered very well, and doing it better than other folks, and as a talented and motivated individual, he surely did well, and besides all that - he was a natural salesman, funny, likeable, and extremely knowledgeable about article marketing on the web.  

I don't intend to do anything like what he did, but I think that in time I'll be more successful on Hubpages, and here is why.

I learned a lot about how to produce writing on the web from Ryan - but outside of on page search engine optimization that I learned from him and some others - I intend to do nothing like he did - nothing at all.  I NEVER research keywords, and I never will.  Here's why.

Think of Warren Buffet, and his infamous Berkshire Hathaway, look at their manner of doing business - they do not chase trends, they make solid investments.  Some things are merely trends, and researching keywords is ...trending at it's finest.  If you write about something that you know and appreciate - that always comes out in your writing, and if it just happens to be a trendy thing - well, good for you.  I intend to only write about things that will be just as relevent five years from now as they are today.  It will surely take me longer to get to the kind of numbers that Ryan Kett had on, but I'll get those numbers, and in time - I think I'll be able to build an even better residual or "passive" income.  I hope that this has been useful to someone - you could say it was some sort of affirmation for me.