Once upon a time I used to pay anywhere between $100-$150 a month for cable service and didn't really think much about it.  But at the beginning of this great recession, our budget became "tight" and we began to evaluate some bills to find out where we can reduce some expenses.  One area we found, among many, was the cable bill.  We were spending about $100/month regularly, and if we wanted to watch a couple of pay-per-views this price easily went to $150 or even higher.

So we eventually cut the cord and got rid of our cable subscriber.  And we switched over to Internet Tv which was cheaper.  At first it was a little difficult because instead of watching an episode as it aired, we had to wait a day or so before we could view the program.  But we were only paying an internet bill at $70/month (we already had internet), plus the subscription for Netflix at $7.99.   

Not only was this cost effective, but it was also pretty cool to be able to get all types of movies and programming from other parts of the world.  In addition to saving some money,   as time progressed, our Roku box (which is what we use to access Internet tv) started to add more free programming and more "just released" movies and tv series to its repertoire.

I think this is the wave of the future because almost all new TVs today come with Internet hookups already installed.  Some actually have software apps like YouTube, Google TV, etc. pre-installed on them.  Cable providers are trying to combat this by raising prices, locking people in contracts for 2yrs, or some other method to keep people from leaving and/or switching to Internet TV.

But I think this is a great move and awesome opportunity for one to save money and also receive the same programming that you would receive with regular cable.  One small downside is that the NFL isn't shown live...but most other sports (like NBA, Baseball, etc) are already online and I'm sure Roku is working out the details with the NFL...just like they are with Disney and Pixar!

What do you think?  Is it worth to have cable, with a 2yr contact and paying premium rates?  or will making the switch prove to be a better solution for you?