The internet has progressed enough throughout the world for almost every company to realize that they need an internet website. One of problems for many company websites, is that look they have done little more than copy their company brochure and made a website out of it.

We are currently experiencing the second generation of the internet, which is sometimes referred to as Web 2.0. The Web 2.0 internet focuses are great deal more on social interaction between internet users, this can be just for fun, interacting with friends and family, but it also has implications for business.

The most popular search engine Google, is starting to implement "universal search". This is where Google displays search results that include images, videos, and real time search from services like twitter.

Companies need to be adding content to these new Web 2.0 websites if they want to be found in Google's search listings.


By now everyone has heard of Facebook and while some people might only see it as a recreational website, it is still important for businesses to at least have some prescence of their to market their goods and services. At the minimum a company should create a 'Facebook page' for their business. It's free to set up and it is just one new avenue for businesses to reach new customers, particularly the younger generation.


Flickr is a photo sharing service. You might be wondering why a company should use a site which many people use to show off their holiday snaps. It doesn't really matter what kind of products you are selling, you should have pictures of all of your company's products up on the website. You should label all of your pictures correctly, especially with keywords that people might use to find your products. Adding a description and suitable keywords, will also be a help.


One of the easiest ways to add more interactivity with your website and start engaging your customers is by adding a blog to your website. The first thought that many people have who are not familiar with blogging, is what am I going to write about? Your company is hoping to sell products and services that people want. So without your blog just sounding like one long sales promotion, you could point out interesting uses of your products, features that people might not be aware about or just some more information about your company that your customers might be interested in.

A blog gives the feeling that you care about your customers and keeping them informed. The other great feature with blogs is that people can leave comments on your post. I would recommend leaving this feature turned on and make it easy as possible for people to comment. You will get some invaluable feedback for free, that could potentially cost thousands of dollars if you used a market research company to get this data.

In conclusion

To continue their marketing efforts on the internet, companies need to add interactive features to their website to make them more engaging and appealing to customers. Interactive features such as forums and blogs are a great way to obtain feedback on your company's products and services. You can how some of these features have been implemented on my partner's website: Lovina realestate