Dreams come to us every time we close our eyes and sleep. Thought be formed from our deepest psyche, events around us, and even our body chemistry, dreams tell elaborate stories featuring a variety of normal and not-so-normal elements. Dreams have always captured the attention of people and have been interpreted by people for thousands of years (Joseph in Egypt for example). So here's some of the most common dreams people have and what they can possibly mean:

Being Chased

This is possibly the most common dream that people have an usually symbolizes a threat in your waking life. This threat could be anything from a bully at school to powerful emotions like worry and hate. If you can determine who or what is chasing you, where the chasing is happening in your dream, you can unlock the meaning behind the dream.

Missing an important meeting or event because of tardiness

This dream usually means that you're regretting a missed opportunity in real-life, frustration over a missed connection with someone or something, or that you wish to "pull yourself together" in your waking life.

Finding yourself naked in a public place like work or school

While some people think this dream is a unconscious cry from your repressed sexual emotions most commonly this dream is thought to about vulnerability, awkwardness, or possibly embarrassment. This dream could be referring to an feelings you had at an event that has already happened or something that you are worried may occur in the future. Key details like who saw you, what their reactions were, and where the dream happened play into what the dream means.


This dream is primarily about insecurity and lack of support. This dream happens mostly to professional, successful, men and women but anyone can have this type of dream. Did someone let you down or did something disappoint you greatly? Falling is thought to refer to you feeling isolated from others and sense that no one is around to help you.


Flying is another dream thought to be your image of your sexual (or sometimes other skills) prowess. The key to your flying dream is how well you happen to be flying. If you're trying but failing at flying it could be a message about your insecurity or low self-esteem in the sexual world. And of course the opposite would be true if you're flying high and far.

While these are the most common interpretations of dreams they aren't always correct and some people's dreams could mean something entirely different. The key to every dream that you have is to write down all they details while they remain vivid in your mind and track them. Nearly every plot point, character, and physical detail in your dream can mean something and so by paying attention to everything and the whole picture, you can truly unlock the meaning behind your dreams.