Los Angeles is a city notorious for the many traffic and road accidents that occur in it every day. Such accidents are no strange phenomenon; it may happen to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime of the day. But no matter how frequent it happens, someone is bound to make the same mistake and meet and accident. That is because many drivers nowadays seem to have forgotten what they learned about driving and start violating the rules of the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that the hazard in road design involves intersections. Along with inadequate signs, blind spots, and confusing lanes, intersection accidents make up two-thirds of the total fatal crashes caused by hazardous roads. What are the most common mistakes that people make which can possibly result to Los Angeles intersection accidents?

  • Beating the red light
  • Ignoring road signs
  • Motorcycles or bicycles that squeezes through traffic
  • Negligent pedestrians
  • Unexpected braking or stopping of vehicles

In order to minimize the occurrence of intersection accidents, a driver should take extra precaution when passing through such roads. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Come to a full stop at the sign just before crossing through the intersection. This will give ample time to look for oncoming cars from both sides.
  • For drivers who have the right of way, check for cars too before pulling into an intersection in order to avoid negligent drivers who may have failed to see a stop sign or may have ran a red light.
  • For drivers who are first in line at a red light, check both sides for oncoming cars before moving once the light turns green.
  • Look out for pedestrians or bikers who may be close or in the crosswalk before making a turn. Check the traffic or the pedestrian on the side that the car will be turning to before completing a turn.
  • Do not forget to use signals when turning. This will make the driver behind aware of the movement in front of him, and may prevent him from pulling in front of or from hitting the vehicle ahead.

Pedestrians can also do their part. Utilize the overpass, underpass, or bridge walk if there is one near to make crossing easier and safer. If there isn't any available, make sure to cross in the proper pedestrian lane. Also, stay on the crosswalk and away from the street as much as possible.

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