Interview Tips to Help You Get a Job

Make an Impression at a Job Interview

Today's job market is a busy one. After all the effort of getting yourself a job interview the actual interview process can be stressful and difficult. There are however a few points that can be considered which not only helps the interview to go smoothly but could mean all the difference when it comes to getting that job offer.

Dress Smart

This may seem obvious but a lot of people get this wrong. The first impression that you make as you walk through the door will be mostly made by your appearance. Dressing smartly is a must even if the company has a relaxed dress code in the work place, you don't work there yet. Of course one person's idea of smart may be very different to another's so ask for some advice from a friend. A simple rule here is to wear a suit and tie.

Job Offer

Be On Time

Make sure you double check the time (and date) of your interview. You may be lucky enough to have more than one interview lined up and it is easy to mix up the times. Being early for an interview is a good idea, but not too early. It is better to sit in the car park for half an hour then to plan to arrive with only five minutes to spare so give yourself plenty if time to make your journey. Walking through the door ten minutes early is just about right.

Make Sure You Know Where You're Going

Ensure that you know where the interview is being held. If possible travel to the location a few days before using the same mode of transport you will use on interview day. This will not only make sure know exactly where you are going but it help you iron out any travel problems in advance.

Thank the Interviewers for giving you the Interview

This is an easy one but many people miss this out. Upon arriving for your interview and once the introductions have taken place, thank the people interviewing you for asking you to come in. This is basic courtesy and it demonstrates that you are aware that the interviewers have chosen you from what could be many applicants.

Have Company Knowledge

If you are as far as the interview stage then you are likely to already have knowledge of the company looking to hire, but if not, taking time to do a bit of research will impress your prospective employers when the inevitable question of “so, what do you know about us” comes along.

Ask Questions

Don't forget that job seeking is about you finding the right company as much as it is about a company hiring you. Make sure you have some questions to ask the interviewers, write them down on a piece of paper and pull that piece of paper out in the interview. It shows that you have prepared and that you are seriously considering working for them.

Don't Except a Job Offer at the Interview

If you have been out of work for a long time, or if the job you are interviewing for is your dream job then it may be hard not to accept a job offer there and then. Thinking it over for a few days or even just over night however will give more of a perspective and help you make the correct decision. If the company offering you the job really want you to work for them (and they must be keen if they are offering you a job at the during the interview) then they will wait for your decision.


Interviews can be stressful and are an important parts of our lives. There can be a lot of work involved in just getting to the interview stage so take time to make sure you have all the bases covered before the big day.

Oh yeah, and good luck!