Now that you've graduated with your degree, you may have applied to many companies to secure your job. Here are some useful interview tips with Shell Malaysia if you have been invited to their office by the Human Resource team. Use these pointers to help you in your preparation and reduce your anxious feeling of what to expect during the session. As you may know, not every applicant is invited to attend an interview with Shell Malaysia, so you can consider yourself lucky if you are reading this article. Read on for the interview tips with Shell Malaysia.

During your interview with Shell Malaysia, the managers and human resource team will assess your personality, communication and presentation skills and your ability to work in teams. They would hold something called an 'Assessment Day' or 'Assessment Center' to observe how you portray yourself. These events normally run for a full day, so you should get plenty of rest the night before. Many graduates would be called to attend it together and they would usually divide you into groups to run the activities. You should expect to face both technical problems and more general questions relating to current issues during your interview with Shell Malaysia.

One of the useful interview tips with Shell Malaysia is to revise your technical stuff that you learnt at university. These technical problems are designed to test your ability to apply what you have learnt to the situations. Candidates are normally assigned a case study and asked to solve it within a given time frame. This interview activity is to determine whether or not you can fulfil the job requirements in Shell Malaysia.

The general questions are designed to test your communication skills and also to see if you keep up to date with current issues. The candidate's ability to address issues and think on their feet is assessed in this section of the interview with Shell Malaysia. You may be get topics on the environment, transportation, national parks and many more and asked to speak on it. Some time will be given for you to prepare your presentation. Tips for candidate – read newspapers leading up to the date of the interview with Shell Malaysia and you should be fine.

There will be a lunch break in between the interview with Shell Malaysia. You should take this opportunity to network with the staff and interviewers. Many people think that they are not being assessed during this period. Don't get caught in this trap. Many companies are now using this technique to see which candidates are friendly and able to mix around well. There will be people observing you, so don't just sit down at the corner to eat your food. Get up and start talking to the staff and other candidates. Some may even share their interview tips with Shell Malaysia as they have gone through the same process before. Who knows, the company may also ask the staff for feedback after your interview with Shell Malaysia. If you have made an impression, your name would surely be mentioned.

The next of the interview tips with Shell Malaysia is – expect to participate in an activity where you have to act in a specified role. You may be given a role of a manager. The interviewers will then present a problem to you, and you would need to show what your action is. Here are some helpful tips to give you an idea. For example, say you are given a situation where there is conflict of interest between you and your boss. What are you going to do in that situation? This activity is to find out how you approach problems posed and how you solve them.

The next thing to expect in your interview with Shell Malaysia is to work in teams to solve a problem. A problem would be allocated to each team to solve. Do note that a supervisor would be sitting on your table to observe you. This task is to test your ability to work in teams. The interviewers are looking for your ability to give opinions and contribute ideas. So, be active and participate in the discussion. If you have different views from others, state your reasons for that as they will also be looking at how you handle conflicting opinions. This part of the interview may have something relating to the operations of Shell Malaysia, such as the oil and gas explorations.

The final task for the day is the face to face interview with one of the top managers in Shell Malaysia. These interviews are normally behavioral style to test the applicant's ability to prove what they have done with previous experiences. Your past actions would give a good reflection of what you would do in the future. Here are some useful interview tips for you to get prepared for the session in Shell Malaysia. To nail this session, prepare answers for standard questions. Get tips and feedback from your friends or family. You may find a list of common asked interview questions below:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why do want to work in this industry/ Shell Malaysia?
  • Give me some examples of the most difficult problems you encountered and how did you resolve them?
  • How did you get along with your previous employer (if you had one)?
  • What are the qualities you look for in a manager?
  • What are your strongest qualities?
  • What are some of your weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What do you like to do in your free time? Why do you like them?

Answer these questions confidently while maintaining eye contact with the interviewer during your interview with Shell Malaysia. Tips - Give examples to help illustrate the point you are trying to make. You can use examples from your university life, work or even volunteer activities to support your answer. During the interview, they might also ask how long you intend to stay with Shell Malaysia to test your loyalty to the company.

After the long day of the interview with Shell Malaysia, you should take a good rest and not worry too much about the outcome. If you have tried your best, they will see it. Be patient and wait for the offer to come. If you do not make it, do not be disappointed, there are other companies to try your luck with. Sometimes, it depends on the competition among all applicants.

Make use of these interview tips mentioned above so that you will succeed in getting a position with Shell Malaysia. Be well prepared and you should do fine. I wish you success in embarking on your future career.