If you are applying for the position of a Project Manager, you can expect tough interview questions.

What are the tough interview questions for Project Manager role?

These tough interview questions usually form part of the behavioral interview questions. The interviewers are interested in your technical expertise. However, they are more interested in how you behave under a tight deadline.

Interview questions for Project Manager:

1. How do you ensure that the successful completion of a project that dragged out longer than anticipated?

2. Give one example of an incident that prevents you from completing a task you have been assigned.

3. How do you define a good job in your current position?

4. How did you handle a situation when you worked with someone you did not get along?

5. Describe a time when you successful resolved a conflict with the main client.

6. Tell me the factors that you think have contributed to your success so far.

7. Tell me a time when your actions resulted in a negative effect on your colleagues.

8. How do you communicate bad news to someone?

9. Have you made an unpopular decision in your previous prooject? How did you gain support for an unpopular decision? What methods of communication did you use?

10. Describe a negotiation that fails. What do you think you could have done to avert the failure?

11. What are your strengths in negotiation? How did you employ the strengths?

12. How did you handle a poor work performer? Do you think you could have handled it differently?

13. Describe the management style of the most difficult manager you ever worked for. How did you adapt to his style?

14. Describe the most problematic subordinate in your team. How did you handle him?

15. How did you handle the career transition?

16. How did you acclimate yourself to a new job? How did you acclimate yourself to a country with a different culture?

17. Describe a time when you failed to adapt to a change. How could you have done differently?

18. How did you cope with budget overrun in a project?

19. How did you communicate your expectation of the team members working for you?

20. Describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision under pressure by the management.

21. Describe the characteristics of the most successful team you have ever handled. What is your contribution to the success of the team?

22. How does your personality reflect in the job you choose?

23. Why do you want this interview?

24. Describe a time when you successfully predicted obstacles to a project. What made you so certain that such obstacles could arise?

The interview questions for Project Manager role vary according to the expertise of the interviewers. You are not likely to face very tough questions in the first interview. The interviewers are likely to be junior staff from Human Resource department or the hiring manager.

However, you can expect very tough behavioral and project-specific questions in the second interview. The involvement of the HR Director and the senior management team means the interview questions for Project Manager are very tough.

The interviewers are interested in your answers, your facial expressions and your thought process. If you show doubt in your ability to handle the job, you will lose the opportunity to get the job.

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