I Have Owned an Intex Pool Since 2007!

Intex swimming pools are an investment in family fun. As the owner of an Intex swimming pool for the past several years, I can personally attest thatit has made our summers much more fun without ever having to leave the house.

They come in different sizes to fit every budget and backyard. If you have young children, you can purchase the smaller Easy Set pool to start like like my family did. If you have older children, you can purchase the larger metal frame version that we have now. With so many choices, you are bound to find one that suits your needs.

Which Type to Purchase

Intex pools come in various sizes. The Easy Set Pool ranges in size from 8' x 30" to 18' x 48". These are incredibly easy to set up and maintain. Our son became our pool boy when he was five years old! Just lay out the liner on a flat piece of ground, inflate the top ring, and fill with water! Our twins love to spend the day inside of it as the water is filling up. They laugh, splash and play and we know that summer is just around the corner!

Intex Easy Set PoolCredit: www.amazon.com

The Intex Metal Frame Pool ranges in size from 10' x 30" to 16' x 48". As your children get older and you enjoy the ease and care of a smaller swimming hole, you may consider buying a larger one. These are also easy to set up and require no tools for assembly. As our children got older, they can put up the pool with almost no help, and it takes under an hour. 

Metal Set Versions

The Intex Rectangular Frame Pool comes in three sizes-18' x9' x 52", 24' x 12' x 52", and 32' x 16' x 52". A rectangular shape is a more traditional shaped pool. It is easy to assemble and you can invite a lot more people to your backyard party!

If you like the round shape of a pool but do not want an inflatable one, then the Intex Round Ultra Frame Pool is a good alternative to the Easy Set pool. It comes in two sizes-16' x 48" and 18' x 52".

Credit: www.amazon.com

This picture is the one my family has owned for three summers. It has lasted so long because it is well made and can take the shenanigans of my children and their friends, who use it every day.

Bigger and Better

Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set Sand Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth Pool Cover
Amazon Price: $1,999.99 $1,299.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 15, 2018)
If your family is growing and you do not want the expense of an above ground or inground pool, then this easy to put up and take down one is just what you are looking for. If you take care of it properly it will last for years!

Intext Pool Supplies

Everyone is trying to save money. When purchasing supplies, we learned that the best pool supplies for your Intex swimming pool are the actual Intex brand. From our experience, the cheap filters you can buy at Walmart simply do not do as good a job at keeping your investment clean as the Intex brand.

In fact, we bought a larger Intex filter that keeps our pool even cleaner than the filter that came with our purchase.

Our Experieince

Overall, owning an Intex swimming pool has been a positive and rewarding experience for our family. After school, we invite a few of our children's friends over to hang out and swim. After dinner, a quick dip is refreshing and great way to relax after a long day of work and school. On weekends, we just take out the grill and barbecue and play together without the hassle of loading everything into a hot car, schelping bags of food, toys and chairs to the beach or community pool. If you have enough backyard space, I highly recommend getting one.