The Southern Street Food

Into The Southern Streets For The Best Indian Food

You can have as many varieties of South Indian food from the costliest of restaurants and exotic locations, but the taste that will always linger in your mouth will certainly be the 15 rupees curry that you had from one of the ‘dhabas’ along the streets of India. It would have made your eyes water for sure with its hot spices or would have given a heartburn to someone who is not used to it. But the fact is that no other place can beat the taste that the Indian street foods can give you.


Though these dhabas may not look clean, the regulars will vouch for their quality as they know that you will never get a leftover food from these locations. The reason behind this popularity besides all the fresh makes is the homely feeling and the unbeatable price that these curry points offer you. The sale is strong that at the end of the day, rather even within a few hours on particular days all the food cooked for the day get be sold out! If not for the cleanliness, these temporary dhabas and the curry outlets in Southern India, would actually give even the most famous of the 5-star restaurants a run for their money.


India being so diverse in its culture, the Indian curry recipes equally varies in its ingredients, the method of preparation and distinctive taste. The spread of these dishes is amazing, which varies from the regional delicacies to some of the easy curry that you can get from a regular South Indian home.


If you move to the southernmost tip of India and reach Kerala, the coastal corner of the country, wide variety of mouth watering non vegetarian curries will make your mouth water. The taste and freshness is so incredible that you will want to visit the place again and again. Among this hot favorite Keralite dishes are fish curries which get served in various styles all over the region. However, the best locations be taste delicious fish curry will be the ones which can serve you the platter with freshly caught fishes from the sea. Then there are the mouth watering, heart burning beef curries of Kerala too that you can get at ‘thattukadas’, which happen to be the common name for the South Indian dhabas.


As you move further up you can titillate your taste buds with the famous ‘Vathakulambu’ of Tamil Nadu which make your mouth water and tingle with its strong tamarind flavor. Further up, Andhra serves you the spiciest of the lot. The spiced food of Andhra is so famous that any person who visits the place never wishes to leave without tasting Dum Biriyani served with Mirchi ka Salan.