Elena of Avalor Halloween Costumes for Girls Have Arrived

Her show debuts on August 1st

Disney Studios is a company that makes marvelous family films and fun television series for preschoolers on Disney Junior.  They also have very popular television series aimed at older children ages 7-14. While known for bringing entertainment that will not make parents cringe with embarrassment while watching with their children, one thing that Disney had been lacking in was the diversity of it’s princesses.

Until the mid 1990’s, every single princess was Caucasian. Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel and Belle were the beauty prototypes. While Belle was the first attempt to break out fo the vapid female mindset (the townsfolk did not understand a young woman who loved to read and think), she still fitthe stereotypical princess of the day.

The 1992 hit movie Aladdin introduced us to Jasmine, and Arabian princess who needed to be rescued.  For the first time ever, the hue of the lead female was not chalky white.

In 1995 Disney premiered the story of Pocahontas to the big screen. While she is not a princess, she was also not light skinned either.

Mulan, whose story takes place in ancient China, made her screen debut in 1998, is touted as a princess, but she is really a warrior who saved her country, the Emperor, and Li-Shang, the leader of the army.

It was long overdue, but in 2009, Tiana, the first African-American princess took her place in the Disney lineup when her movie, The Princess and the Frog, hit the silver screen.

While Disney was making strides to be inclusive and diverse, there was still a major group that was missing from its stable of characters.

Where was the Latina princess?

The Sofia the First Controversy

Disney decided to change its princess format in 2012 when it debuted a brand new program, Sofia the First, for its Disney Junior lineup. Princess Sofia was not a teenager, but a young girl who was very close in age to her target audience. She had a loving step-family, not a wicked one. The issues she deals with in each episode are similar to the ones that her young viewers face. A new school, new friends, getting along with others, trying to her best in school-these are all approachable situations that children could relate to.

She was also originally touted as the first Hispanic Disney princess. However, the Latin community was not pleased by her light appearance.  Sofia’s mother, Queen Miranda, is dark skinned, but not her daughter. Disney took back this claim and the Latino community has patiently been waiting for a princess to call their own.

This is Elena's Debut

Who is Princess Elena?

Viewers will be introduced to Princess Elena in a 2016 episode of Sofia the First. Fans knowt hat Sofia wears the Amulet of Avalor, a gift from her step-father, King Roland II. This necklace has very special powers. It permits the young princess to speak to her animal friends, and it also permits her to transform herself into another form (like a mermaid) when she needs to help a friend. The amulet is never to be removed from her neck.

Her introduction to the Disney stable will take place in a 2016 episode of Sofia the First. Apparently, while trying to save her younger sister Isabel from an evil sorceress named Shuriki, Elena becomes trapped in the amulet and there she stays for decades-until Sofia discovers that she is there.

During the episode, it will be Sofia’s mission to set Elena free, make her human again, and assist her in returning to her kingdom of Avalor.

Meet Princess Elena of AvalorCredit: By MingleMediaTVNetwork (Aimee Carrero) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

By MingleMediaTVNetwork (Aimee Carrero) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons  

Just like her predecessors, Elena is a teenager-sixteen to be exact. Because she is not an adult and cannot rule her kingdom by herself, she will be aided by her loving grandparents, as well as friends on her Council. As she learns how to rule her kingdom, viewers will be exposed to lessons in overcoming adversity, feeling compassion for others, and what character traits it takes to be a great leader. Elena is bold, clever and has a sense of humor. The messages she will relay are all ones that Disney Junior likes to place in all of its preschool series.

In order to maintain its authenticity with the Hispanic and Latino community, there are a panel of advisers to keep things on track.

Aimee Carrero, who stars in the ABC Family show Young & Hungry, will be the voice of Elena.

Many fans will be anxiously awaiting for more news and updates about Princess Elena of Avalor. She is one character that many viewers cannot wait to meet.

Elena of Avalor Costume for Girls

Elena of Avalor Costume for GirlsCredit: www.anytimecostumes.com

Here is the Deluxe Elena of Avalor costume for girls.  It comes in several different sizes. Pair it with a red sweater for a chilly night or wear a red turtleneck underneath. Tights and red shoes will complete this look.

Here is Another Elena of Avalor Costume

Elena of Avalor Costume for GirlsCredit: www.anytimecostumes.com

Here is the more casual Elena of Avalor costume, as this is her everyday outfit. It includes the dress with a belt with Elena's picture on it.

Elena of Avalor will be one of the most popular costumes for Halloween 2016!