Crystals have been used for crystal healing for thousands of years. In many cases stones were depended on for fixing everything from ordinary problems like headaches and toothaches, to taking care of major issues such as cancer. While the power of the crystals may or may not heal cancer, but crystal healing does have a place and can be a major part of your every day life.

Crystal Healing - History
Minerals and stones have been used throughout history in almost every culture that there is. In some cases the people would wear them as pendents. Others would place them in water, suck on them, sleep with them, and use them in all sorts of jewelry. For each culture there were beliefs for the crystals that they held dearest.

Crystal Healing - Methods
Each type of crystal has it benefits and can be used in a wide variety of ways. There are several methods that are used for healing with crystals.

  • Elixir. One method for using crystals for healing is to make an elixir. The safest way to do this is to place the stone in a glass container and place that glass in dish of water. It should stay there for 24 to 48 hours. After that the elixir can be used to drink, to rub on the surface of the skin, and to bathe in.
  • The Laying on of Stones. Stones can also be laid on the body. Commonly this is done with a partner or a crystal healer. The stones are often placed on the chakras and other points on the body. They are then used to change the vibrations of the body to help the body heal itself.
  • Meditation. Stones can also be used to aid in meditation with the purpose of self healing. You concentrate on the stone and feel its vibration warming your body.
  • Jewelry. Others choose to wear jewelry to have the power of the stones with them at all time. This can be helpful though is more commonly used for bringing luck, peace, and hope into ones life than bringing about healing.
  • Sleeping with the Stones. Many illnesses and issues of the body benefit from sleeping with the stones. For example, amethyst is a common crystal used for healing headaches and pain. When slept with it can help to alleviate these issues while you sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and whole in the morning.

Crystal Healing - Does It Work?
As science has taken over our healing and people no longer look to witch doctors, shamans, or other healers of the past there is a lot of doubt and skepticism among a wide varieties of people. This is for a few very good reasons and several things should be considered before you decide if crystal healing is for you or not.

  • No proof. For some no proof will end the discussion and the consideration, however there is no proof of crystal healing working and there is no proof of it not working. For many it is very real and very effective and makes a huge difference in their lives.
  • Self Healing. There are a lot of different beliefs out there as to why this works for some people. One is that they believe in it and it is then their body that heals itself much like the placebo effect. Others believe that by combining your own energies with the energies of the crystals you are allowing healing to occur. Still others think that crystals are a pathway for your body to heal itself through self awareness and energies absorbed through the crystals. Whatever may or may not be true, there is no way that believing any of these to be true is bad for you.
  • Why Not? You should never stop seeing your doctor and start using crystals instead. You should never stop taking medications. You shouldn't give up on modern medicine and turn to methods that had a high failure rate. Instead crystal healing should be an addition to your life. Why not? It will bring peace into your heart and it is good for your body (even studies have shown that belief is good for the body!) There are no good reasons not to add crystal healing to your life as long as you aren't giving up on other methods of healing as well.

Crystal healing will always be a touchy issue for some. However, it can change lives. It can make a difference in your life, your outlook and even how you feel. Adding crystals to your life is a great way to find more peace and to heal both physically and emotionally.