Storage Kings - A Kailua Kona Self Storage Company

Storage Kings is a self storage company that operates in Kailua Kona and Kealakekua on the Big Island of Hawaii. Customers come to rent spaces of various sizes in a secured facility in order to free up extra room at home, secure their valuables when they're going to be away on a trip, or to make a move into a new house or apartment much easier. Once a customer selects a unit size, signs up for the service, and moves their belongings into the facility, they become a tenant, at which point they are granted certain privileges like early-morning or late evening entry through the electronically coded gates. 

Why is Self Storage in Kailua Kona a Necessity for Many People?

Self-storage in Kaila Kona solves a number of problems for people in various situations. Due to the remoteness of the Big Island of Hawaii from mainland USA, getting situated on the island can present a number of special logistical challenges, especially for people that are new to the area. One common problem results from the difficulty of timing a move from the mainland into a new home on the island. There are often setbacks in getting the home ready for new residents that cause families moving to Big Island to get stuck in a sort of limbo. With the home they had planned on not being ready, they now have to contend with the incoming containers full of belongings that they shipped from the mainland!

Kailua Kona self storage companies can provide a great deal of relief to distressed new island residents by offering them a safe and dry place to secure their belongings and valuables while they see to finalizing their move. Kailua Kona Storage Kings offers units ranging in sizes from very small lockers that are perfect for a single traveler or a couple that just need a place for their beach gear, all the way up to industrial sized storage units that are 10 feet wide, 30 feet deep and 9 feet tall! 

Some tenants, especially commercial clients and small businesses, opt to use these large sized storage spaces for company purposes, such as sharing equipment or establishing a meeting and drop-off point. Other tenants, like families moving to the Big Island for the first time, find these large storage units ideal for keeping a four bedroom house's worth of belongings in. 

What Specials Do the Kailua Kona and Kealakekua Storage Kings Stores Offer?

Although self storage companies are apt to change up their specials regularly, the Hawaii Storage Kings stores currently offer a free move-in truck for all new tenants. Once a tenant has signed their papers and made their first month's rent payment, they can borrow the Storage Kings moving truck free of charge so long as they don't exceed 50 miles during their move. Every mile after 50 miles is charged at 89 cents per mile, and the tenant is also expected to replace the gasoline they use. 

This free move-in truck makes Big Island transfers and moves a breeze. The Storage Kings truck is a 2003 automatic Ford, so it's easy to drive and still has the capacity of a large box truck, allowing you to finish getting your things into your storage unit in just a few hours or a day without the hassle of looking for a rental truck or expensive moving crew. 

The current special in terms of rent that all Hawaii Storage Kings facilities are offering is the 2nd month of rent for free. This means a new tenant would move-in and pay for their first month, and not make another payment until their third month. 

Where Can You Find Kailua Kona and Kealakekua Storage Kings?

You can scroll to the bottom of this page for a handy google map showing all the locations of the Hawaii Storage Kings self storage facilities. You can also give the individual offices a call at the following numbers: 

Kailua Storage Kings: 808 327 1700 

Kaloko Storage Kings: 808 329 9771

Kealakekua Storage Kings: 808 322 7722