Since being established in the early 1990's, Blizzard has built a reputation for creating wonderful titles we've all come to know.  The game maker focuses on developing story, characters, and longevity in each of its games.  Therefore, Blizzard is not known for the quantity of games they put out, but instead, the quality.  To this day, Blizzard is most known for the popular game titles Warcraft and Starcraft.  Specifically, World of Warcraft has taken the gaming industry by storm and continues to thrive despite being released about a decade ago.  Well, it looks like Blizzard has done it again with their recent title Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft released in March 2014.

Hearthstone is a free 2 player digital Collectible Card Game (CCG) available on Windows, OS X, iPad, and Windows 8 Touch.  The game will also be soon available on Android Tablets, iPhones, and Android phones either in December 2014 or early 2015.  An internet connection is needed in order to play.  The game is surprisingly fun and enjoyable, even Blizzard has expressed their shock at how successful the game has been.  With 9 different heroes, the combinations of decks you can make is endless.  Each hero possesses their own unique hero ability and cards.  The mighty warrior has a +2 armor ability, while the mage can cast a 1 damage firebolt for 2 mana each turn.  The great thing about the game is that you can try out and experiment with all the heroes unique abilities and cards making the game that much more fun and vast.

In addition, the graphics are absolutely gorgeous and simple.  Unlike most card games, the digital platform allows the brilliant minds of Blizzard game makers to implement special effects and vivid imagery to create a truly enjoyable game.  There are no more arguments about who has how much life, or if someone has somehow "rigged" their deck, because all that is automatically taken care of with the digital interface.  

With the recent passing of the Blizzcon World Championships and an announced expansion set for release next month, there's no telling what new heights Hearthstone may reach.  Even after playing over 700 games, I still find it extremely fun and satisfying.  Performing daily quests to get extra gold for booster packs is more adventure than chore.  The ranking system allows you to work your way up to meet the pros and literally anyone can make it to Blizzcon from the comf0rt of their own home.  So hurry now and join in the fun while Hearthstone is still young!