Mayline drafting tables are some high quality drafting tables (also known as drawing boards, drawing tables, or architect's tables) that are used by artists and architects alike.  These are open, multi-purpose desks that can be used for a wide array of drawings and projects.  From inventors to architects to drawers and artists, there are many uses for these desks.  While antique drafting tables have a special emphasis on actual drawing, modern versions like the Mayline drafting table are truly multi-purpose, and even often come with side sections that can support computers and other modern technology - making these products extremely useful and adaptable for a wide array of consumers.

Brief History of Mayline Drafting Tables
Mayline drafting tables continue to be some of the most popular drawing tables around, and it's not hard to note why. As their own website attests, the Mayline company has been around since 1939, and they designed high quality furniture and work spaces for architects, engineers, and other similar professionals from the very beginning.  Today Mayline is known for having many of the best drafting tables (also called drawing tables) around.  The variety in different designs and full use of office furniture makes these highly desirable.

This company started with the idea of being an engineering supply company, and it's a niche that has served them well.  With five different company subsects, this corporation makes a lot more than Mayline drafting tables, but this is still the product that the company hangs their name on, and for good reason.

Also Called Drawing Tables
Drafting tables is the technical term for what these pieces of professional office furniture are, although another common term is drawing tables.  If you hear "drawing table" or "drafting table," you're basically hearing about the same thing.  Mayline drafting tables are among the most popular, and the use of these interchangable terms is understandable considering both reflect a professional function of the office furniture's use.  So if the topic ever comes up, or the paragraph begins with one term then switches to another, don't be confused.

A Mayline drafting table and a Mayline drawing table is the exact same thing.

Mayline Drafting Tables History & Uses
The original drafting tables came during the Industrial Revolution, and were multi-purpose desks where large and complex drawings and plans could be spread out.  In early use, they were often in a gentleman's study, allowing for a pursuit of aristocratic arts or interests.  As the economy changed and technology changed, so did the use of these tables, which were often also called "mechanical desks" because of the way they functioned.

Modern drafting tables and drawing boards are still most commonly used by engineers and architects.  Most modern drating tables are made of metal and specialized so that modern technology and practices can be practiced with ease with these pieces of office furniture.

One little interesting note: it was from these pieces of antique office furniture that the term "Well back to the drawing board," came from, usually referring to drastic changes to ideas that failed or were voted down and often also referred to an engineering or technical issue.

Conclusion on Mayline Office Tables
Mayline Office Tables are among the most popular because the company has a long history that many experienced consumers trust. This isn't a run down on other competitors' products: there are plenty of good companies who produce very good drafting tables that any engineer or architect would be very happy with, but Mayline has constantly been mentioned as one of the best for good reason, and when you'have nearly 70 years of happy return customers to back you up, it's hard to argue.

I hope you found this hub on Mayline drafting tables helpful, and if you're looking for a new drawing table, it doesn't get much better than what this company has to offer.  Now if you want a good follow up, check out this place for some great ergonomic mesh office chairs.