Tactical weapon mounts are rail mounted accessories to increase the efficiency of tactical weapons.  The most common tactical weapons to by mounts for are the AR-15, the M-16 and Remington series tactical shotguns.  As technology advances, so do the weapon mounts.  Many retailers of weapons mounts tailor their products to meet military spec in both the alloys used in manufacturing the mounts and subsequent adapter kits to mount the unit on a non-standard rail if necessary.  There are many mounts to choose from but they all boil down to one basic principle:  greater accuracy and efficiency of use.

One common tactical weapon mount is an LED flashlight.  LED lights have replaced flashlights of old for several reasons.  First, they boast up to 50,000 operating hours before the diodes wear out.  Off of three AAA batteries they last 120 hours.  They can produce a beam of 149 lumens with an effective range of almost 400 feet.  This mount is vital to have in any low lighting conditions and its aluminum casing ensures that it can handle poor conditions.

Another weapon mount category includes scopes.  Depending on the type of scope purchased and how it is mounted, the scope can also be paired with a magnifier or a night vision monocular.  Many scopes also mount high enough that they do not interfere with backup iron sights.  The setup is geared for versatility.  If for any reason the scope should fail, a flip of a switch will pop up a rear mounted iron sight (if one is installed) as a backup targeting system.  The night vision monocular is also quickly detachable and can be used on a head mount, helmet mount or simply hand held device.  The magnifier installed behind the scope does not have an aiming retical of its own.  Thus the retical remains in place while zooming in or out on a target

Iron sights can be installed both front and rear for back up sighting if any of the optics fail.  The newest version of the rear iron sight is called a MAD, or multiple aperture device.  The device has two apertures that can be viewed in the same plane by utilizing a 4-aperture disc.  Spinning the disc left or right will flip to the high or low aperture.  Because the apertures are on the same plane they are zeroed to the same point of impact.  In addition the MAD BUIS utilizes the military spec windage adjustment knobs and screws.

While there are many options for tactical weapon mounts they all share the same common goal; accuracy of the shot, military spec and versatility even under extreme conditions.  There are several different types of tactical weapon mounts, as this general term can refer to a lot of different accessories.  These can include custom scopes, laser sights, and an attachable flashlight, among other things.  Many tactical weapon mount kits are actually a combination of these things, allowing a shotgun or rifle to be fully outfitted with everything from laser sights to flashlights and anything else.  These are most often referred to with assault rifles or police weapons, but shotguns can also often be outfitted.